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Own your preschool brand. The most cost-effective and long term preschool solution. Operating breakeven in 13 months flat!

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International recognitions and affiliations. Designed in accordance with the national curriculum early childhood education framework, ministry of WCD, GOI.

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Internationally recognized teacher education programs international institute of Montessori teacher training. Pan-India network of teacher training institutes.

International Teacher Education

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Beanstalk 3P, Writo, MaxBrain Abacus, Super Phonics & Cambridge Young Learners English- Programs for all ages and seamlessly integrated with the preschool program.

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Non Franchise Preschool

Teeny Beans is a non-franchise and zero-royalty based holistic solution for new and existing practitioners in the space of early childhood education. We help set up and operate international early learning centers that are globally benchmarked centres of excellence.
In doing so we create institutions that adopt the highest standards in early childhood education and care and evolve into becoming experts in the field of early childhood education catering to local communities and preparing global citizens for 2050 and beyond.



Best Preschool franchise award from Silicon India

As seen on Silicon India Magazine - on being selected as ‘Most Promising Pre School Franchise 2020’

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best preschool franchise without royalty

Some FAQ

What is the solution proposed by Teeny Beans?

At Teeny Beans, we help co-create individually branded preschools & early childhood learning centres of excellence.

What sets us apart from any other solution provider is the fact that our solution equips individuals to set up and operate a highly diversified business with multiple value streams, a solution which we call integrated learning centre.

Specifically, an integrated learning centre is characterized by

  • An international preschool
  • An international teacher training institute
  • A kids afterschool activity centre

Our solution is a holistic business solution for our partners and not a piecemeal solution. And most importantly our solution is anon-franchise zero royalty model the only model we believe is relevant in the preschool space.

How is Teeny Beans different from a preschool franchisor ?

For starters, no discussion post set up is ever going to be about commercials or royalties. It’s only going to be about the curriculum, delivery, training, recruitments, parental concerns, etc. Things that assume only peripheral significance for any preschool franchisor. This would resonate strongly with existing preschool franchise owners.

We offer a one-time investment with zero royalties and commissions. We co-implement the curriculum with you and co-administer the ILC along with you – forever. All the while, the attempt would be to make your brand resonate amongst your local community through strong marketing and rigorous implementation of a fantastic curriculum.

Do you charge royalty for your services ?

We do not charge any royalty for setting up a preschool. We operate on a non-franchise, Zero Royalty mode. We help you build an everlasting individual branded ILC and expect we’d be doing enough to help you become the early learning expert practitioner that you had wanted to be.

What Training does Teeny Beans provide ?

Training is a continuous process. This is why we would be the only solution provider in this space that does not sever ties post-sales but in fact increases engagements once your school is up and running. Following are the touchpoints for training -

  • We provide a 3-day in-person intensive training in Kolkata in our model preschool Beanstalk International Preschool.
  • Preschool owners will also have a one-one skype session with our Co-Founder to understand business basics and his own professional journey in establishing a successful ILC.
  • We also have an e-learning module on the various aspects of the preschool set up and curriculum training that augments one's understanding.
  • Every new teacher or coordinator joining the preschool goes through the same e-learning module on curriculum training.

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Potential of the Pre-school Franchises

Potential of the Pre-school Franchises

For starters, no discussion post set up is ever going to be about commercials or royalties.

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Pre-school business prospects in small cities in India

Pre-school business prospects in small cities in India

For starters, no discussion post set up is ever going to be about commercials or royalties.

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Harsh facts of daycare and preschool franchise

Harsh facts of daycare and preschool franchise

For starters, no discussion post set up is ever going to be about commercials or royalties.

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Preschool setup without any Royalty Fee

The larger the franchisor recall, the bigger the franchisee fee and set up cost. So, how useful is this? Well, in one line you're paying for advertising their brand while you can establish your own brand with much less investment.

Best alternative to a low investment preschool franchise

We drive down your investment to the bare minimum by focusing your resources on core requirements.

preschool kid playing

Make no mistake. We don''t help you set up a cheap preschool! We help you to utilize your resources wisely to build an efficient preschool set up. How much you spend inside the preschool in non-core requirements is your business decision.

We provide you with an evaluation framework for your investment suggesting ideal investments considering the demographic profile of consumers in your locality. We equip you with the know-how, equipment, learning aids, curriculum, and architectural designs to start off with a preschool without any royalty fees.

We help you with every aspect of brand building that established national preschool franchisors provide. And be rest assured, these efforts, which straddles online and offline mediums, help you establish YOUR brand in your local community. You create an identity that outlives any franchisee term that any franchisor provides you without paying the franchise fee.

When you haven't started a preschool it's a little difficult to comprehend the advantages conveyed in the above statement, but every preschool franchisee who has operated with a preschool franchisor would know the value of that statement. If you have to spend your time, money and effort in building an institution like a preschool let that institution be YOUR OWN. That's what Teeny Beans does for you.

Teeny Beans non-franchise and no royalty preschool model for opening a playschool in India is a highly successful model that places the partner at the heart of all considerations. We help you create an institution that will outlast franchisee tenures, abet wealth creation and create an everlasting institution that only YOU own. Your Preschool, Your Brand. We invite you to find out more about Teeny Beans, the Brand behind Brands.