Own your preschool brand. The most cost-effective and long term non franchise preschool solution. Operating breakeven in 13 months flat!

Best Alternative for Preschool Franchise

International recognitions and affiliations. Designed in accordance with the national curriculum early childhood education framework, ministry of WCD, GOI.

International Preschool Education

Internationally recognized teacher education programs international institute of Montessori teacher training. Pan-India network of teacher training institutes.

International Teacher Training

Beanstalk 3P, Writo, MaxBrain Abacus, Super Phonics & Cambridge Young Learners English- Programs for all ages and seamlessly integrated with the preschool program.

After School Activity Centre

Non Franchise Preschool

Teeny Beans is a non-franchise and zero-royalty based holistic solution for new and existing preschool franchise practitioners in the space of early childhood education. We help set up and operate international early learning centers that are globally benchmarked centers of excellence.
In doing so we create institutions that adopt the highest standards in early childhood education and care and evolve into becoming experts in the field of early childhood education catering to local communities and preparing global citizens for 2050 and beyond.



Best Preschool franchise award from Silicon India

As seen on Silicon India Magazine - on being selected as ‘Most Promising Pre School Franchise 2020’

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Non Franchise Preschool

Some FAQ

1. What is an individual-branded preschool?

“It is a marketing strategy of branding different institutions by different names. Such a branding strategy helps establish a unique brand identity, image and positioning for an individual institute.”

It helps companies that use this strategy to target different market segments, i.e., consumer groups. So a preschool franchise in Bannerghatta, Bangalore can use an individual branding approach to brand one’s institute as Tulip – House of Kids and run an independent and successful preschool establishment.

2. What sort of branding do preschool franchises employ?

Individual branding contrasts with umbrella branding. Umbrella branding or corporate branding is a strategy of marketing all company’s products together.

Corporate branding includes using the same brand name and identity for its whole product range. So, preschool franchises in India like Euro Kids in Pimpri, Pune branded as Euro Kids Tulips would have Euro Kids as the corporate brand and Tulips as a sub-brand.

3. What is the solution proposed by Teeny Beans - Non Franchise Preschool?

At Teeny Beans, we help co-create individually branded preschools & early childhood learning centres of excellence.

What sets us apart from any other preschool franchise solution provider is the fact that our solution equips individuals to set up and operate a highly diversified business with multiple value streams, a solution which we call an integrated learning centre.

Specifically, an integrated learning centre is characterized by

  • An international preschool
  • An international teacher training institute
  • A kids after school activity centre

Our solution is a holistic business solution for our partners and not a piecemeal solution. And most importantly our solution is anon-franchise zero royalty model, the only model we believe is relevant in the preschool space.

4. How Teeny Beans is different from a preschool franchisor?

For starters, no discussion post set up of preschool franchises in India is ever going to be about commercials or royalties. It’s only going to be about the curriculum, delivery, training, recruitments, parental concerns, etc. Things that assume only peripheral significance for any preschool franchisor. This would resonate strongly with existing preschool franchise owners.

We offer a one-time investment with zero royalties and commissions. We co-implement the curriculum with you and co-administer the ILC along with you – forever. All the while, the attempt would be to make your brand resonate amongst your local community through strong marketing and rigorous implementation of a fantastic curriculum.

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Preschool Franchise with No-Royalty

At Teeny Beans, we understand the challenges of setting up a preschool and find an ideal preschool franchise model. To present yourself as a unique preschool brand or be a part of a pre-existing franchise, both of these come with their own share of difficulties. Additionally, setting up a preschool franchise in India comes with a handsome royalty fee. Therefore, we provide you with a unique solution to have your own brand without paying any additional royalty charges.

We provide your play school business with a 360° approach and call it an Integrated Learning Centre (ILC). This means that we will provide assistance with setting up your preschool, a teacher training institute, and a kids' activity centre instead of setting up just a preschool! When you partner with us to set up your ILC, you will be able to reap the greatest benefits from your preschool business without any worries.

Good Preschool Franchise Opportunities with added benefits

If you have faced a dearth of good preschool franchise opportunities in India or are frustrated with your present franchisor, it is time to switch to a non franchise preschool brand. Get in touch with us as we provide specific opportunities to set up preschools and learning centres for both new and existing practitioners in the field of preschool business.

Reset your Preschool Franchise

Choose Teeny Beans and rest assured of having your own brand and running a successful preschool business. We will not ask you for a royalty fee unlike some of the most popular preschool franchises in the country, and our ILC dedicated manager will help set up your ILC so that it can give you the best returns.

Not just that, but we also provide support ranging from technical support to co-creating the curriculum, so that you do not have to worry about your preschool at all while being able to provide the best-in-business quality services.

And if you happen to be an entrepreneur planning to set up a preschool but are greatly confused about the process, you must still get in touch with us. With more than 70 hours of training, a dedicated ILC manager, and guidance and support regarding the curriculum, marketing, and technical matters, we provide the preschool business opportunity for the newcomers.

We will provide you with everything that will help you create your own brand and run a successful playschool business.

A No Royalty Preschool Franchise

Preschool franchise

At TeenyBeans, we ask you for upfront fees and do not ask for any payments after that. The initial fee is all the expense that you have to think of, and then you can partner with us for an unlimited tenure. We will offer various services and also administrative and marketing support so that you can run your business successfully and smoothly.

We will also offer you help so that you can see if the Teeny Beans curriculum is implemented effectively. These services are not charged separately, however, you do have to pay for the curriculum books which our brand provides.

The Perfect Non Franchise Preschool Model

TeenyBeans offers you a one-time payment policy that signs you up for a partnership with an unlimited tenure. We offer various services, including administrative and marketing support, so that you can run your playschool business successfully and hassle-free.

It does not end there. We also assist with understanding and implementing the curriculum effectively, all free of cost.

Opt for a No Royalty Preschool Franchise

For our no-royalty non franchise solution, we provide regular guidance and continuous training after the establishment of the preschool, unlike some of the popular play school franchises. Our training patterns include the following:

  • A 3-day in-person intensive training in Kolkata in our model preschool, Beanstalk International Preschool.
  • We also arrange for a one-on-one Skype session with our co-founder so that preschool owners can understand business basics and also learn from our co-founder's personal story of setting up a successful ILC.
  • We also provide an e-learning module to make it easier for preschool owners to understand curriculum basics and everything related to running a preschool. Every new teacher or coordinator joining the preschool goes through the same e-learning module on curriculum training.

Other Services for Non Franchise Playschool Model

We provide help with creating individually branded preschools and setting up learning centres for children. We are different from other solution providers because our solution helps individuals to establish and run a business with multiple value streams, which is why we call it an integrated learning centre. Our model does not only consist of training the young minds but also the adults who take the responsibility of shaping the future global generation.

At the core of our integrated learning centre is

  • An international preschool
  • An international teacher training institute
  • A kids' after school activity centre

Hence, we provide a holistic business solution for our partners, which is an offer hard to find in the playschool business. One of the most important things about us is that we offer a non franchise, zero royalty preschool model that helps our partners run their businesses successfully, without having to worry about post-setup expenses.

Our Services in a Nutshell

When you partner with us, we will provide you with thorough and continuous guidance so that you can successfully set up and run your integrated learning centre. A summary of our services are follows:


  • Training programmes to understand the business.
  • Training for financial planning and overhead control.
  • Guidance on an in-depth curriculum, which is meant for the ILC owner and also for all the teaching staff.


  • Assistance with site selection for the integrated learning centre
  • Help with school layout designing for preschool setup
  • Help with the selection of proper learning materials
  • Assistance with creating a brand identity for our partners
  • Guidance and help with recruitment


We provide

  • Administrative support
  • Technical support
  • Help with curriculum implementation
  • Marketing and digital support
  • Post admission counselling and PTM feedback

The Best Preschool Franchise Solutions

If you want to Set-up a Preschool and are looking for the best play school solution and do not wish to pay a royalty fee, you should definitely get in touch with us. Upon partnering with Teeny Beans, you will not only receive help and guidance for good, but you will also be able to enjoy the reputation of an internationally accredited brand. The continuous attention and support that you will receive from us will help your business flourish and expand. Have a query? Don't hesitate, call us now!