Checklist for Opening a Preschool in India
play school opening requirements

Congratulations on your decision to open a play school! An institution which embodies your own principles of teaching and education. Whatever the excuse, whether you`re a vision teacher or a parent who sees a need, opening a play school is not an easy task .

Understanding how to start a play school and your success will depend on the careful management of the start-up process. This guide will explain how to start your own preschool, from writing a business plan and choosing a location, to marketing, hiring, and managing your day-to-day operations.

Requirements to start a preschool in India

The number and popularity of playschools in India are increasing, as more and more children attend preschools today. This is because parents are increasingly aware of the importance of providing pre-school education to their children. Playschools, in addition, play a significant role in improving every aspect of children`s growth and learning and form the basis for physical, mental, social, and intellectual skills. It indicates an increase in demand for more playschools in India.

Thus, opening a preschool is one of the most lucrative and profitable activities for people considering starting a company in the education field. In case you, too, want to join this noble career, here’s a checklist to keep in mind while planning to open a preschool.

Learn about preschool licensing requirements

New edupreneurs have to look into licensing requirements as they decide how to open a preschool. Your municipal government will have laws and regulations that will control you both as a preschooler and a small business owner. The specific norms and requirements for beginning preschool today include the following subjects: Staffing requirements, Building Standards, Curriculum Standards, Teaching Aids, Library, Play Equ ipment, Safety, and Records.

Additional laws include the POSCO Act 2012, the Juvenile Act 2015, the Child Labor Act 1986, and the Child Labor Act 2016 (Prohibition & Regulation).

These guidelines have been established in accordance with the spirit of the 2009 Constitution and the Law on the Right to Education, and are based on the 2013 National ECCE Policy as the Regulatory Guidelines for Private Play Schools. These Regulations are intended to encourage States to notify these Guidelines or to adopt the content of these Guidelines as legislation regulating private preschools in their respective States.

Write a business plan for play school

The very first step towards opening a preschool is to develop an all-inclusive business plan which helps you decide how to open a preschool. Developing a business plan well in advance will give you a rough estimate of the capital investment and distribution of the budget. Usually, an investment of Rs. 3-7 lakhs is required to open a preschool.

Writing a pre-school business plan is a big task, but due diligence and hard work at this stage will inform the rest of the process. Here you`ll get your preschool mission statement, marketing strategy, organisational plan, personnel, finances, budgets, and more.

You`re going to need to do your research, with a focus on understanding how much it will cost to start a preschool successfully. Are you using your own money, or are you looking for a small business loan?

Find your preschool location

The land/location is the next pre-requisite for opening a preschool. So, first, pick the correct location and then purchase the land at the chosen site. While finalising the location, make sure it is a safe and secure residential area.

It`s supposed to be a motor capable lane. Always, ensure that the available building is safe and has choices and facilities for fire and outdoor activities. The area required between 2,000 and 3,000 sq. ft.

Are you opening a preschool which is small, home-based and looking to rent an existing preschool facility, or are you starting a preschool from scratch with a brand new facility? In any case, you`re going to need to find a home for your preschool. Check your position and suitability to run a business in that field.

If the plan of opening a preschool is ready according to your suitability and you`re happy with it, you can start the construction process, followed by whitewashing and woodwork. Make sure your playschool looks bright, colourful, and attractive.

Prepare for your preschool facility

When you`re opening a preschool, you’re probably going to need furniture and equipment. You may also need protective devices such as fire extinguishers, emergency supplies, etc. Running your own preschool comes up with a lot of safety issues that you`ll definitely want to be prepared for.

Developing policies and procedures

Figure out your business plan, write policies and procedures, and manuals for your employees and your families. You will also develop a disaster or crisis management plan and health, safety, privacy, and nutrition protocols, all under the guidance of your local preschool licensing requirements.

Hire your staff to help you run your preschool

Verify the criteria for pre-school certification of staff ratios and educational qualifications for teachers. Pre-school staffs are subject to criminal background checks and fingerprinting and ensure that reference and educational levels are rigorously verified. Preschool is just as good as its teachers, so take your preschool decisions carefully.

Prepare your pre-school curriculum before you decide how to open your preschool

Your preschool mission statement will direct this move, whether you follow an established pedagogy or have your own dream. A carefully selected preschool curriculum is essential to the success of your preschool program. Purchase Equipment – Make a list of all the equipment and other supplies you will need in your playschool.

For example – equip your play school with child-safe & child-sized furniture. Purchase lots of utensils, toys, puzzles, fun blocks, art supplies, stationery, etc. In addition, provide your play school with an optimal supply of water and electricity.

Plan Marketing

The most significant thing about opening a preschool is to see the name in the locality. Plan effective promotional strategies, then. You can place advertisements in local newspapers, place colorful hoardings in your neighborhood, distribute print advertising, etc. At the very least you will need marketing collateral and an online presence.

List your preschool in the local preschool directories and take part in the preschool enrolment fairs in your city. Supported by local businesses, parent organizations, local events, famous blogs. Seek some places like Teeny Beans Preschool Network. Run a social media campaign that focuses on your target population, or host a grand opening event to attract families.

After you have completed your inaugural student roster, continue your marketing activities to ensure that you always develop a customer base. Many preschools host community events and open houses throughout the year as a way to build a brand presence.

Invest in pre-school apps/ software

One of the best ways to launch a good preschool in 2020 is to make the most of the innovative preschool technologies at your fingertips. Streamline your administrative tasks and you will have more time to concentrate on providing your parents with a top-notch pre-school experience — which is your entire goal.

Your teachers will use the app to monitor and document everyday classroom events and activities, and parents will receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices during the day. The powerful app also provides a safe, digital check-in / check-out and an integrated paperless billing system. It is a perfect way to keep your parents busy with day-to-day events.

Recruiting staff

Finally, start employing potential teachers and non-teaching staff at your playschool. To do so, hold interviews or hire a recruiting firm to assist you in the recruitment process.

Here are some of the basic conditions in opening a preschool anywhere in India. However, starting a playschool on its own requires a commitment of time and money. So the easiest way out is to buy a play school franchise from a well-established brand.

Although it`s a real challenge in opening a preschool, it`s extremely rewarding to run a successful preschool. If you`re looking forward to starting your own preschool, Teeny Beans is the best place to have fun. All of the above-listed specifications and checklists will be made by Teeny Beans. What you have to pay is a small fee for your job.

Remember that the story doesn`t end here, too. You will provide full service and assistance during the academic year. Wishing you the best of luck on your path to the opening of your own preschool!

So as soon as you enter into an agreement with Teeny Beans, you gain a lot of control, because much of our Preschool research is taken care of. Not only do we build a brand identity for you, but we also share the insights, technological skills, and experience that drive our Franchisee.

If more people have the vision of being self-employed and self-employed, the Franchise Potential will still remain strong. Our country is experiencing an immense opportunity for both the Franchisors and the Franchise who are willing to develop in the field of education.

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Go through our blog section to know more about the preschool industry. Contact us for any queries.

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