Complete checklist for opening a preschool in India

Checklist for Opening a Preschool in India

Preschool is becoming a great business opportunity day by day adhering to its simple and easy way of earning great returns. With an expected INR 1,155.95 Bn from 2020 to 2027, its progress has no limits.

Are you opening up a preschool? Well, best wishes for your institution, but do not forget that opening up a preschool in your own mind is quite far from setting up a preschool in reality. It’s not an easy task, yet with proper guidance, planning, and knowledge it can be made simple.

Comprehending the start-up process properly and laying out carefully organized plans will allow you to open a preschool with careful management and achieve success. Reading further will inform you everything you must know while opening up a preschool, from laying plans to setting infrastructure or advertising.

Necessary Requirements for setting up a playschool

Most of the parents are working today, which means they are always looking for a safe place for their children to learn good skills and knowledge and be taken care of. They are well aware of the significance of early education which is raising the demand for preschools in the country.

Setting up a playschool doesn’t only provide you an opportunity to build your own educational institution, yet, you are also able to open an Integrated Learning Center (ILC). This means earning more revenue through your preschool after schooling hours by opening a childcare center, an after-school kids activity center, or even a training center in the evenings. Along with setting up a preschool, you get a lot of ways to earn more revenue by utilizing the preschool space efficiently for many purposes.

Let’s see the significant things to consider for setting up a playschool

Essential requirements for preschool licensing

Setting up a preschool in India requires licensing, yet not always. The central government has not passed any certain law till now regarding it which applies for all the preschools. However, there are some states that demand license requirements for setting up a playschool.

Some states have these legislations, while some do not. As there are different regulations for every state, your state may or may not have such law. However, you need to undergo formalities with the municipal corporation and education department of your city.

There are some particular norms and requirements for setting up a preschool. You need to align with these norms that are related to staffing requirements, curriculum standards, safety, library, teaching aids, playing equipment and your records.


Some laws such as the Child Labor Act 1986, POSCO Act 2012, the Juvenile Act 2015 and the Child Labor Act 2016 (Prohibition and Regulation) need to be followed.

Create an efficient business plan

Opening up a preschool in an organized way is necessary to ensure there are no complications. The first step towards your goal of setting up a preschool is preparing an efficient business plan.

A business plan will convey clearly from anything to everything necessary for setting up a preschool. You need to acquire a rough idea of your capital investment, distribution of budget in the right effective way and how your school is going to be. Around an investment of Rs.3 to 7 lakhs is required for setting up a preschool.

“Plan properly now to avoid planning later”

It requires a lot of effort, knowledge and hard work to put up a proper business plan. Yet, if you do the right efforts, you’ll not have to regret it later. In the business plan for setting up a preschool, you need to ascertain your marketing strategies, budgets, infrastructure plan, personnel, etc.

Decide how much you want to invest and whether you’ll use your own money or take a business loan for this purpose.

Find an appropriate location

Location plays a significant role in helping to boost enrollments. While setting up a preschool, pick a good location that is safe, residential, and pollution free. You can either purchase the land (which should be around 2000 to 3000 sq.ft.) and construct a preschool or if you want a small, home-based preschool, find a good home that suits this purpose.

“The more you offer, the more people will be attracted”

Every parent demands a safe environment, but they also want facilities, education and their child’s development which is worth the fee. Make sure that you provide all necessary facilities, even for fire or outdoor activities. Once you’ve chosen an appropriate location for opening up a preschool, clean the place, whitewash it and get it painted in attractive and bright colors.

Put together facilities

“Fulfill all basic needs for opening a preschool”

Setting up a preschool requires more equipment than any other educational institution. Preschoolers require extra care and safety. Equip your preschool with child-safe and child-sized furniture. You will need desks, toys, puzzles, fun blocks, artbooks, colors, swings, fire extinguishers, food supplies, utensils, proper water and electricity facilities, medical care, music system and much more.

Frame Policies

With policies and procedures already stated, regulating and setting up a preschool becomes more convenient. After making your business plan, frame policies for various significant categories. Make your preschool’s policy, manuals for employees and for your student’s families.

“Establishing a way of operations”

Not only this, but you are also required to create a disaster or crisis management plan, safety plan, get preschool insurance and ensure privacy protocols.

Hire your staff to help you run your preschool

Verify the criteria for pre-school certification of staff ratios and educational qualifications for teachers. Pre-school staffs are subject to criminal background checks and fingerprinting and ensure that reference and educational levels are rigorously verified. Preschool is just as good as its teachers, so take your preschool decisions carefully.

Get a well-built preschool curriculum

Create an organized preschool curriculum before opening a preschool and add syllabus according to your dream preschool. Or are you following an already set up pedagogy? The choice is yours!

“Follow your dream preschool”

You require a preschool curriculum that caters to the needs of holistic development of children. Setting up a preschool isn’t enough, you want your preschool to grow which can be done through giving proper guidance and teaching morals to your toddlers.

Build a preschool curriculum that helps in children’s physical, emotional and social development, fill new skills in them and comprehend lessons to them correctly. This will ensure your success too.

Make a structured marketing plan

One of the most important steps in setting up a playschool is marketing. Unless you don’t advertise or get a name in the locality, you will not be able to get enrollments. Plan effective marketing strategies and do advertisements with the help of ads in newspapers, distributing pamphlets, putting hoardings in the surrounding area, and even through word of mouth.

“Let people hear about you”

Spread as much information about your preschool as you can. You can make your preschool’s website and social media handles on Instagram or Facebook and provide authenticity of your facilities by uploading pictures and videos! Give a virtual tour to your audience as well.

Use various effective marketing methods for advertisement and get higher chances of success. Build your presence in your locality by participating in local fairs and activities. Organize campaigns or opening events, and attract your target population through it.

Even after you’ve completed your student enrollments, do not stop advertising. That is what setting up a preschool is all about. Build your presence and brand name in the community throughout the year by hosting events and campaigns. Earn the trust of your families and others in the community.

Invest in smart automation

One of the best ways to launch a good preschool in 2022 is to make the most of the innovative preschool technologies at your fingertips. Streamline your administrative tasks and you will have more time to concentrate on providing your parents with a top-notch pre-school experience — which is your entire goal.

Your teachers will use the app to monitor and document everyday classroom events and activities, and parents will receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices during the day. The powerful app also provides a safe, digital check-in / check-out and an integrated paperless billing system. It is a perfect way to keep your parents busy with day-to-day events.


Finally, start hiring staff. It should be both teaching and non-teaching staff to assist you in running your preschool properly. You need to find out the certified staff ratios and required educational qualifications for your teachers.

Remember that you are looking for staff for toddlers, which means none of the staff shouldn’t be related to any criminal background. Save their fingerprints for reference and verify their qualifications strictly.

“The dedicated the teachers the better the preschool”

Ensure that you choose the right person fit for the job. Therefore, hold interviews for the recruitment process. You can even hire a recruitment firm who’ll assist you in doing the same.

Final Words!

These were some things to do while opening up a preschool. It is something which cannot be easily done, right?

Well, setting up a playschool can be made very easy and simple if you get a preschool franchise and let them do all this work for you. And if you are thinking that you’ll have to invest a lot of money in the brand for their preschool franchise, then it’s not the exact case.

With Teeny Beans no royalty preschool franchise, just invest a small one-time fee and get assistance throughout your preschool journey! Unlike other preschool franchises, we allow you to establish your own brand name and build your own identity.

All the above-stated required specifications for setting up a playschool will be taken care of by us. Not only this, even after your preschool has been established we’ll provide daily assistance and guidance to run it in the right way and achieve success.

“Tasks made easy”

Opening a preschool with an alternative to a Preschool Franchise like Teeny Beans will not only help in making preschool business plans, yet will make you save a lot of investment as well. You needn't pay any royalty or franchise fee and earn a high return on investment. You’ll also get research details such as insights, technological skills, and others to help you guide better for running your preschool.

Start a preschool with a limited investment. Enquire Teeny Beans now.

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