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Detailed analysis on Preschool Education in India

The first stage in the life development of a child starts through preschool education. The importance of preschool education in shaping the life of a child should not be undervalued. Preschool education has a lot in store for the holistic development of children. Go through the article further for a better comprehension on the gravity of preschool education.

An Introduction to Preschool Education

Preschool education, provided as the foundational stage of education to toddlers isn’t only crucial for its skill development attributes or necessity in future life, it additionally acts as a booster for psychological abilities in children.

At this stage of life, children are more active mentally and physically, which prospers a better intake of the things happening in the environment. Children with stimulating preschool education during this time are seen to possess sharper brains and abilities.

What does Preschool Education signify?

Every parent has enormous aspirations for a better future for their child. Since the day a child is born, the preparations for what he/she will become in the future begins. While the mother says, the child will become an engineer, the father agrees on becoming a doctor, but do not forget the grandparents coming with their dreams then.

Whatever the child will become, the right commencement is the most significant.

“A good beginning has better prospects of a good future”

What happens during preschooling?

This initial learning stage of how to behave, communicate and act remains the same for the entire life of what the toddlers are taught in their childhood, which highlights the significance of preschool education.

A completed preschool education ensures decline in drop out rates, thus making students complete their secondary schooling and higher probabilities of a better future ahead.

Despite a great importance and need of the hour for preschool education, it doesn’t seem to get the support needed for better results. Indian government and educationalists have been widely ignoring its value, adhering to the fact of exclusiveness of preschool education from Right to Education to children.

The stage is regarded as only some preparation for formal schooling by not only educationalists, but also the parents. The neglect and degradation of preschool education in the name of some other necessary need is substantially disturbing the education system together with the toddlers’ future.

The First Stage of Education

‘The first stage in education is preschooling”

Considered as a low grade education, the ignorance of people towards the importance of preschool education is at its peak. A few of them are only aware of why it is considered the most. As the population and poverty increases in India, most parents are working day and night to make ends meet.

Such circumstances induce them to look out for a preschool or child care center. However, even if the child gains preschool education indirectly through it, the parents just view it as a caretaking rather than a momentous need.

The failure to realize why preschool education should be prioritized, has resulted in an utter sense of expanding ignorance among all. The problem escalates further when not only the parents, yet entrepreneurs like you see preschool education as a source of income coming through 'taking care of children’.

The lack of correct perceptions towards it needs a repair. The comprehension relating to the gravity of preschool education is to be highlighted among people’s rational approach.

Emerging need of Preschool Education

With preschool education increasing the business opportunities, urban areas have witnessed many preschools mushrooming in every street. However, the uneven distribution comes to the places as a consequence of juxtaposing urban and rural areas.

There are hardly any preschools in rural areas. And if there’s a single by mistake, it is concerned with just reciting poems to the children. That's not how preschool education works! Stimulation of brains requisites a structured and formulated plan of education, necessary for the right growth of these children.

Both the parents as well preschool owners must have a perfect comprehension of the primary reasons behind pursuing preschool education, until then it makes no sense.

Likewise, a dedication of teaching in this first asks for a necessary knowledge of why it is taught. Afterall, the teachers will not teach with entire commitment unless they know the correct need for it.

Take a glimpse at what a preschool education offers precisely!

Ultimate Power : Importance of Preschool Education

There has been a sheer lack in the vision of people concerning preschool education. Though one may be aware of its needs and amidst their children into the preschool, however, they actually are not aware of its necessity.

It is seen as a part of schooling or stage of education to overcome for pursuing the next stage rather than a prerequisite in bringing up the psychological and physical abilities among children.

Preschool education is the preschool age of covering up to be eligible for primary education. Below we have listed a number of major rationales to the importance of preschool education. Look through them cautiously to get a deep understanding of the same.

A preparation for the future

Preschool education as the name suggests is ‘preschooling’ or preparing a child for the schooling phase. Nevertheless, the elucidation doesn’t end here. This stage of education places the foundation stage of teaching which rules the entire life.

When a child has a substantial base of preschool education, the future endeavors can be taken seriously with better consequences at the end. It is truly said that when the beginnings are properly taken care of, the rest automates into shape itself.

Acquire skills since the early phase of life

As per the studies taking place, a child fosters better learning and skills during the initial stage of his/her life. One is said to catch a lot from their environment during their childhood. Every word, action, manner, behavior is apprehended and kept in mind while recurring use in future at this stage.

That is why, the right education in the form of preschool education becomes significant. It will teach the necessary skills needed both psychologically and physically during this time.

Crucialness of active learning

Filling workbooks and studying with them doesn't only constitute a part of learning, as many teachers suppose. Taking part actively in every type of learning, be it a dance, playing outdoors, table games, reading or watching videos.

Learning isn’t only done theoretically, especially while in preschool education. Active learning through all aspects of pre-schooling is crucial to develop the mind and body properly and enhance the skills to the utmost reach.

An overall development juncture

Preschool education not only builds up the skills, yet it builds up the child through its components. It is responsible for overall development physically and mentally while preparing for life. A child isn’t only taught basic education or prepared for schooling. Along with all such preparations, a child is taught to act in life properly through all basic knowledge of daily life.

Thus, the importance of preschool education goes far more than education. It is concerned with a life being prepared for the ultimate future. To communicate, act, respond, learn, play, behave, so and so far, everything concerns it.

Sets up a habit of pre-literacy

The main motive, as most know, is the habit of pre literacy or pre schooling, which is built up through preschool education. It provides basic pre mathematical and language knowledge to children and also gives a habit of staying away from home or their loved ones.

Such basic things of life are developed in a specific environment only. No child learns it itself. An environment concerned with preschool education is responsible for preparing a kid for the schooling phase and developing a basic know-how into talking, listening, sitting in a class, etc.

Builds up a sense of self responsibility

While children are all out on themselves in preschools, they learn to take care of themselves. They learn to eat by themselves, pack their bags all alone, use various stationery items, go to washrooms and everything else.

Consequently, they develop a caretaking attribute, not only for themselves, yet everyone surrounding them. Children start becoming responsible for each other as well during this preschool education phase.

Fosters creativity and curiosity

The chapter of preschool education in every life brings up many attributes to its side. One must have seen little children asking about everything, or why is this happening. Even if the fan is switched on, they would ask how it is rotating or why someone wears cloth. After all, no one has told them before, which makes it a pretty obvious reason behind their curiosity.

The development of such curiosity and creativity among toddlers ensures a better and correct growth. The answers to their curiosity impacts their mind and places the reasons permanently there. That is why the importance of preschool education should never be left in unenlightenment.

Challenges Faced by Preschool Education Today

The significance of preschool education must have been all clear to you by now. On the other hand, this significance completely contrasts with the problems hurdling along the way of its success. Today, preschool education in India hasn’t gained much progress as it should by now.

Most of the parents have no knowledge of its crucialness and believe that preschooling at home would be better. A home can’t offer an environment which a preschool can. Many children are at the primary stage of education as the initial stage, and get into a school without visiting a preschool once.

Additionally, there are a few teachers for this field as many find it a low profession to deal in which results in most people with no knowledge of preschool education teaching preschoolers. This lack of proper staff adds into the existing surrounding issues.

Absence of suitable resources in most preschools of the country is a great problem as well. One may find a lot of preschools operating without any proper play area or a playground or an activity center.

Everything is happening within a small classroom which can’t help but create fuss. The rising malnutrition and ill health among children nowadays, also requisites a pepper preschool education and active participation especially in physical and mental activities to boost health.

Preschool is becoming a poor business today. Most preschools have become a preschool franchise and the franchisors are mainly focussed on enhancing their brand names while charging huge amounts for the same.

The preschool owners become helpless as they themselves are left with the least profit and can’t afford to provide a better infrastructure to the children. This is all a result of the degrading honesty and increasing corruption in the country.

A preschool franchise faces many more challenges with regards to expenditure in this area. Working with a low investment preschool franchise, such as Teeny Beans becomes the most profitable situation here.

Unlike any monthly fees or royalty, Teeny Beans non franchise preschool allows you to set up a preschool within a budget friendly investment and without paying any royalty or franchise costs. You no longer have to pay for the brand name and instead, establish your own brand name preschool and many more other amenities. Provide a high quality preschool education with Teeny Beans.

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