Harsh facts of daycare and preschool franchise
preschool and daycare franchise

There’s a really big gap between the two. We`ll start by saying that neither job is easy, and it takes a lot of patience and care to do it.

Daycare is generally full time and also provides extended hours for working parents. A curriculum or lesson plan has been prepared and implemented in about 40% of daycare centers. The rest will encourage the children to play with what they want and for as long as they want. They’re getting food and rest time. Daycare often typically takes care of school-aged children who drop off and pick up at local schools. There are no child assessments and special services are rare at best.

Preschool is just that; it`s prep. Children are taught and evaluated in five fields: social-emotional development, gross motor, fine motor, communication, and cognitive development. We focus on the developmental practice appropriate to the age and ability of the child. Curriculum lessons are designed and implemented to collect running records, anecdotal, and time samples. We create and track the child`s process, and we are able to spot areas of weakness or strength, and we can adapt our lessons to scaffold those areas. It is important to note that not only are we teaching children skills to help achieve K-12, we are also nurturing and cultivating healthy relationships. We teach self-regulation and communication between peers and adults. Children play in preschool, but it`s clear and premeditated what are the problems parents are facing in choosing a quality daycare or a nursery?

The problems that parents face while choosing preschool or daycare are endless

Everyone wants a good environment for their children where they can learn and grow. A lot of times, parents might be looking for a specific brand they`ve heard about. The most common issues that a parent is likely to face are:

1. Not enough space: most preschools don`t place a lot of emphasis on space, because preschools and daycare can be run almost anywhere. It is important to find a place with sufficient space for all students to fit in and to carry out other activities as well.

2. Understaffed schools: sometimes the school might not have enough staff to look after all the children who have an effect on the child`s learning.

3. Climate and ambiance: a positive and ambiance that encourages development and learning are very critical. In order to do so, it is really important to know if the school is pursuing the same philosophy that you want your child to adopt.

The problems mentioned above are the most important ones that need to be addressed. A good environment for the child can only be created if the school and the parents work hand in hand.

There are several challenges that every parent has to face before they can find the best for their child. Everyone wants to know about these points before they can take the next step for their child:

1. Is preschool maintaining quality standards for your child?

2. The Preschool Infrastructure and Environment for Your Child?

3. Teaching the teacher`s skills?

4. Health, Wellness, Safety?

5. Instructional Technique, huh?

Nowadays, however, there are some organizations working for preschool to strengthen their quality standards and to focus on every aspect that a parent needs of their child.

One day, I came to know about some of the schools that are accredited by an organization called Teeny Beans, which works on preschool quality standards. This process is known as pre-school accreditation. Nowadays, it`s a well-known preschool process.

So if you`re concerned about your child`s nursery, then I`m going to suggest you go to a preschool certified by some of these organizations.

What do I need to know before I take on a franchise model of any kind of preschool and daycare?

The preschool and daycare industries have evolved tremendously over the last few years in India. These are the tips that you should evaluate before you finish any preschool and daycare brand.

1. Location: Go for a brand that suits your demographic location. Most of the top brands are chosen for prime locations, so you can choose a lot of very interesting and emerging brands that are exploding on the stage and get them early to make the most of your location. Non-Franchise model Zero Royalty is a modern trend that has a firm foothold on the industry.

2. Brand Value: When you look at an existing franchise, you may not have a prime location; however, new markets (suburbs) can bring fantastic results to brands with high demand and advertisement and marketing resources. The brands listed below are well known and if you obey the golden rules set out above, you will make the right choice. There are several new companies working on the collaboration model, Zero Royalty No franchise fees.

3. Extensive Offering: The Brand should have an extensive offering to capitalize on the infrastructure and investment that you are going to make. Basic preschool alone can not be enough. To interact with a lot of other activities to make it a full play area for the children of the region is very necessary to break even quickly.

4. A Good Day Care: Running a Day Care / Crèche has its own challenges and you need to look for a good brand that has great experience in managing small tots in this market. If this is not done correctly, it could be very dangerous.

5. Technologically Ahead: You must be ahead of the game by getting a very modern system with cameras, CCTV, software, smart classes, etc. If the brand follows a traditional teaching methodology, the front end could be traditional, but the back end must be very modern.

In India, what is the trend of Preschool education?

Wordsworth appropriately said, "Baby is the Father of Man" in his poem, "The Rainbow." Simply put, this term implies that adults are the product of the attitudes, etiquettes, emotions, and behaviors that they instill in their childhood. In reality, it is our job to raise smart children through good education and the development of moral values in order for them to become global citizens who are developed, self-reliant, and responsible.

Pre-primary school education is a trend in early childhood that is fast catching up in India.

A good preschool prepares your child with the skills of the 21st century.

The Way Forward In spite of the obstacles, the structured playschools based on franchise models are all set to succeed in India. The current scenario suggests that the pre-school sector in India will see a huge increase in demand for branded or organized playschools in the next few years. Considering the promise of the Indian pre-school sector, international pre-school chains are also seeing a huge rise in the industry.

The royalty fee is a continuous charge paid by the franchisor to the franchisor. This fee is generally charged on a monthly or quarterly basis and is typically measured as a percentage of gross sales. This is a huge outflow for most preschools and makes viability for preschools difficult under most circumstances.

Teeny Beans offers a ROYALTY-FREE franchise, which ensures that you have more room to make a profit.

Check below how the ongoing royalty charges will affect your franchise business.

TEENY BEANS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL / PLAYSCHOOL FRANCHISE program offers entrepreneurs a highly satisfying, promising, profitable, and rewarding international pre-school / play school franchise business opportunity with an invitation to participate.

TEENY BEANS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL invites entrepreneurs-teachers, women entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations, registered societies, and owners of individual primary nursery elementary schools in cities and towns to be part of India`s fastest-growing Play School chain by creating the TEENY BEANS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL non-franchise school brand TEENY BEANS.

If you`ve always dreamt of running your own playschool, but you don’t want to spend unnecessarily large amounts of money on franchise fee and you`re not willing to pay royalty fees, investing in a royalty-free franchise could be the perfect route for you.

TEENY BEANS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL aims to motivate franchisees with all the expertise, know-how, marketing assistance, instruction, tools, training, evaluation strategies, and more to ensure that they can run a successful preschool under the brand name TEENY BEANS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL. Therefore, as everything is accessible via our solution where you can run a good preschool/playschool of your own, there is no need to pay large sums as royalties in the future. With the TEENY BEANS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL kit, you will be fully empowered to run your own state-of-the-art preschool premium, which will save you considerably in terms of Return on Investment due to no royalty fees and no Franchise Fee Charge.

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