How are non-franchise preschools more profitable?
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With playschools mushrooming in every second colony to grab a lucrative market opportunity, the once-in-a-lifetime business sector, lately, has seen a decline due to the emergence of numerous players.

It should be noted that recently, NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) also proposed the introduction of a standard curriculum model for all playschools, otherwise a highly unregulated region.

"In the Franchise Model, 15 plus lakhs must be invested in the acquisition of a franchise, and, from then on, royalty payments of 20% must be charged. The Franchise has to run the show in 80% of our sales. This requires a lot of maintenance costs and revenues are small, "the royalties paid are for the overall inventory and not for the benefit.

As a result, today`s non-franchisee zero royalty model school is one of the best choices on the market. It comes with a very limited investment option and no benefit or royalty sharing with the company. This model is rapidly entering the market. Any entrepreneur who wants to start a preschool with less investment is looking for this kind of company. And today, you’re going to get a lot of these players on the market. They have 360 degrees of support to the curriculum, marketing, management, training, etc.

"Investment in information pays the best interest," a well-quoted author, Benjamin Franklin.

And that means that. In reality, with rising investment power and the breadth of profitability, investment in the education sector is flowing with a wave of market trends. Stepping in the shoes of the Edupreneur has become a popular vogue with a lot of choices to explore the market.

In particular, talking about the pre-school sector, the advent and growth of play-schools have undoubtedly changed the lives of people across the economy. This means not only for young children but also for the prospecting of Edupreneur looking to enter this field of education.

Every parent is very positive about the concept of providing their children with the best preschool education. Playing school is therefore a crucial part of a child`s development years.

Being an edupreneur, if you`re also looking forward to investing in the playschool market, then you`ve got two roads to take, the first being, launching your playschool providence brand.

And second of all, purchasing a play school franchise from an established pre-school education company.

In every approach of their life, the two streams described above are different. Let`s find out more about them and decide which alternative is going to stand a better chance!

Starting your Play School Setting up your playschool is like growing a fully-fledged seed to plant. All of it comes from scratch and requires a lot of preparation, studies, research, finance, energy, and hardship in abundance. Starting a Montessori learning platform can be a long and demanding process. However, with recent innovations, it has become a lucrative investment choice. There are tremendous advantages and drawbacks to starting a playschool of your own. Let`s think about it.

ADVANTAGES in-terms of investment

A one-time investment - Starting a preschool can be followed by handsome rewards and buckets full of profit with only a one-time investment. Profits are readily available as soon as Montessori Schools begin operations and will not need any more major investment until any practical issues arise.

Authoritative Command - When you run a preschool with your name, you have the sole authority to shape your way of operating and add some kind of specific selling proposals to your nursery site. You can be special at distinctive stages of development and flourish with babies.

Starting your preschool would help you innovate following your ideas and organize all as per your plans. You are not liable to obey some kind of curricula, facilities, or other working arrangements that have been developed.

DISADVANTAGES in-terms of investment

Goodwill needs time - A new Montessori would certainly take a long time to train, grow, and cultivate public interest in a highly competitive market. Thus, it becomes difficult to build goodwill and brand value from scratch.

Too much responsibility - If you run your nursery, you are responsible and accountable for every job on your list. Whether it is planning, studying, designing, formulating, marketing, financing, recruiting, training, or task-framing, all that is needed must be achieved on its own.

Chaos for Permits and Grants.

If you`re new to a certain form of business, it`s a little difficult for you to settle and get approval and grants from the authorities. Approaching distinctive institutions for the same is a time-consuming and time-consuming process for many.

Play School Franchising buying a preschool franchise is a convenient and smart choice to choose from. Whenever a playschool brand achieves a certain stage of growth, it assigns its operations to various divisions known as franchises. This is achieved in exchange for a certain amount of royalty, and all activities in the franchise chain are conducted in compliance with the norm of the franchisor. This method of starting a preschool by buying a franchise is very popular nowadays and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In this way, a structured approach to the playschool program allows the brand to enter various parts of the country with uniformity of operations.


Technologies Tried and Tested Model - The concept of purchasing a play school franchise originates from a tried-and-tested play school business model where everything has already been designed, implemented, and methodically run. As a consequence, everything is operational at a very low-risk flow.

A playschool company leasing out franchise would certainly have their reputation in the market. This makes it easy for the prospecting of edupreneurs to succeed in a competitive market and to take advantage of the advantages of goodwill.

Freezing Initial Costs: the franchise of a brand already established does not require any additional initial costs other than the set-up. The advertising, administrative, and miscellaneous expenses at the initial stage of the establishment are published to a greater extent.

Decreased financial risks In line with other business issues, the play of school franchises entails less financial risk as to the demand for Montessori programs increases with the growing development of the population. As a consequence, financial risks are much less likely to be the same.

Continuous support and training Playschool franchise providers provide a range of support services from the initial set-up to the running of operations after the inauguration date. Besides, a range of instruction and seminars are offered to pre-school teachers and faculty members to work similarly.


Lack of Self-Innovation - When you buy a play school franchise, you will be required to follow the strictly controlled trend in your Montessori Network in compliance with the playschool brand to preserve the chain`s uniformity. Therefore, there is no versatility in both the simple and the complex process of running a play school franchise.

Regulated costs In the case of franchises, the franchisor is liable to pay a fixed amount of royalty to the franchisor, which makes it a weekly, quarterly, or annual cost regulator. Besides, there are, in the long run, small administrative expenses such as license fees, advertisement fees, training fees, etc. to be paid from time to time to the franchisor.

In comparison to starting up your own preschool from a point, buying a franchise of an already operating preschool platform is a much cheaper option. If you’re going for a non-franchise Montessori business, then you will have no worries about the model of the business and will be able to set up the preschool easily as the overhead cost is low. Lower financial risks, less competition, and minimum investment help in minimizing the payback period for the investment. But do remember, that one is required to invest a whole lot of efforts in franchising as well as starting a preschool of your one. Nothing is as easy as it seems to be!

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