How the non franchise preschools are more profitable?

How are Non Franchise Preschools more profitable?

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Go and take a round of your locality and its surroundings. You’ll surely find many preschools on your way!

Preschools are gaining a lot of popularity today. With more people becoming aware of the importance of early education for their toddlers, preschools are at a high demand. Whether it is a preschool franchise, non franchise preschool or an individual preschool brand, increase in the entry of preschools in the market has created a rat race among different competitors.

The new preschool practitioners, especially with a limited budget, are in more confusion than excitement on how to set up a preschool that is both competitive and budget-friendly.

Exciting Reasons to why you should prefer a Non Franchise Preschool

Recently, NCERT also stated a standard curriculum model to be followed by all preschools which conveyed at least 15 lakhs to be invested to get a preschool franchise and paying 20% as royalty along with giving other benefits to the franchisor. Consequently, setting up a preschool franchise will cost you a lot and leave your preschool with a few profits.

However, in such a scenario, a non franchise preschool at zero royalty costs is the best preschool you can opt for. This preschool model allows you to invest a limited amount of investment as per your budget and pay no franchise costs or share any benefits with the franchisor.

Run your preschool as you wish without following any guidelines set up by the franchisor. Interested to know more? Reading further will allow you to know why a non franchise preschool stands out from the rest of preschools.

Opening preschools is easier with non franchise preschool

Non franchise preschools are rapidly increasing in number due to their outstanding opportunities and benefits. If you have a non franchise preschool, you have a personal caretaker of your preschool through constant support, management, guidance, training, etc.

Every parent wants the best education for their child and a non franchise preschool considers it very well. With a non franchise preschool , you not only administer the preschool according to you, but also get to choose your own brand name and build its identity throughout. Unlike other preschool franchises, you no longer have to pay huge amounts of investment costs, but just a one time small amount and yes that’s it!

Remember to :

‘‘Invest, where it is worth the investment”

Opening a Preschool Without a Non Franchise Preschool

As an edupreneur, you want the best out of your investment. Investing in preschools is becoming a trend today. Entering the education sector promises a lot of profits if it is set up the right way. If you want to invest in a preschool and grow, you must decide the right area to invest in.

Setting up a preschool has two more ways other than a non franchise preschool. You can either set up your own unique preschool brand or invest in a preschool franchise. Going through either of these ways will be a completely new experience for you.

Understanding both of these options better and making a logical decision is always the right choice. Let’s take a glimpse over what both of these choices have in store for you! We have provided an honest remark through providing both advantages and disadvantages of each of these systems for a better understanding.

Starting Your Own Preschool Brand

Starting a preschool from the scratch is similar to growing a seed into a fully fledged tree. When you decide to start a preschool by establishing your unique brand name and doing everything on your own, you require a lot of expertise.

It is a continuous and long process where you need to decide a brand name, build up a proper business plan, do research and several studies, frame a marketing strategy, recruit staff, administer the preschool and do a lot of other preparations. You can either appoint a team for management or take the help of the latest emerging innovations to administer all these tasks easily.

This preschool system has its own advantages and drawbacks, which are as follows :

Advantages with your own preschool brand

  • Investing Once in Preschool : While starting a preschool, you only have to do a one time investment and pay no royalty or franchise cost to any other brand. You get to invest in building your preschool’s infrastructure and brand’s identity which will be benefiting you only in the future.
  • Once you have set up the preschool, you no longer require any investments unless there are practical issues and profits start becoming available after operations begin.

  • You are your own boss :With a preschool brand name of your own, you need not have to follow guidelines stated by any other institution. Build a curriculum of your own that provides value to your organisation and stands your preschool out among others.
  • Decide how you wish the development phases to take place, and whether you want to open something after preschool hours to utilise the free space such as by opening a childcare centre, or a Montessori teacher training centre or any other activity centre.

  • Chance to show your innovation skills :Grab the wonderful opportunity of framing policies, guidelines, curriculum, or deciding working arrangements as per you. Bring out your own innovations to develop your preschool into your dream preschool.
  • Invest in Building your own brand’s identity :When you have a preschool with your own brand name, it is necessary that your brand name possesses a good reputation. With a preschool franchise, you are investing your money and efforts in building an established brand name, however, here, you can popularise your preschool’s name and build a reputation among others. Work for your brand name and invest in it.

A preschool with your own brand name is the perfect for opening a preschool. If you want to start your own preschool, you wouldn't want any already established brand as the name of your preschool.

An entrepreneur always wants something new and innovative inclusive of one’s ideas. Consequently, no one would like their preschool to be already named. This would hide the individual identity of your newly established preschool.

While opening a preschool with a preschool franchise, you will have to name your preschool of exactly the brand’s name. You would have no choice of either choosing your own brand name or making an alteration to that name.

Your dream preschool will then be already known among the public and whatever the reputation is, you have to deal with that. People will identify you and your preschool with that brand name only. Thus, you will never get a chance to get a name in the society all by yourself.

Yet, with a non franchise preschool , things change. Teeny Beans non franchise preschool offers better benefits than a preschool franchise! You can establish a preschool with whatever brand name you choose and build your own identity in the society.

Starting a Preschool Under a Franchise

As compared to starting your own preschool brand, getting a franchise for your preschool is always the smartest and convenient way to start a preschool. You are guided and assisted with all your operations, however, you need to pay a lot of money first of all to set up a preschool franchise and pay royalties to the brand from time to time.

Unlike a non franchise preschool, all activities of a preschool franchise are controlled by the franchisor and one needs to follow a certain set of guidelines set up and invest time and money in a brand that isn't yours. This system of opening a preschool is prevalent nowadays, where a brand opens their preschool franchise in several parts of the country maintaining consistency in operations.

It too has its own advantages and disadvantages which are as follows :

Advantages of Starting a Preschool Under a Franchise

  • Enjoy Good reputation in the market :Becoming a part of an already established brand allows your preschool to enjoy goodwill in the market and you do not have to put efforts to compete in the market. You can focus on your daily operations and get enrollments easily based upon that brand's identity.
  • Continuous Support and Guidance :As a preschool franchise, your preschool benefits from constant support that these franchisors provide. That means, you are not setting up and handling everything alone. You'll be guided and supported from one step to another, and from setting up a preschool till running a preschool smoothly.
  • Lesser Financial Risks :With increasing need of preschools in the country, more and more parents are enrolling their children to playschools, which signifies that there is a greater scope for your preschool as well. Through a good reputation of the preschool franchise, parents will have trust in you already and you can easily attract admissions and generate revenue.

Disadvantages of Starting a Preschool Under a Franchise

  • Complete Regulation :When you own a preschool franchise, you have to act in accordance with their regulations and norms. Whether it is their curriculum, policies for teachers and families, rules of operations, activities in the preschool, etc.
  • You are required to follow their guidelines and act as per their wishes. This means, you can't bring self innovation in between which hinders all your ideas and freedom of running your own preschool.

  • High Costs :Preschool franchises ask a lot of money for setting up a preschool franchise. There are no non franchise preschools and you become liable to pay a lot of money to the brand for their franchise.
  • They ask for regular weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually charges of royalty along with other administrative expenses such as licence fees, administrative fees, training fees, etc. that are paid to them frequently.

Whatever the disadvantages are, you can also always remove these disadvantages and benefit yourself by opening a non franchise preschool that offers all benefits of a preschool franchise without any regulation or high costs. It’s your own brand preschool which is much better than investing your money in a brand’s name and gaining too low profits.

The Teeny Beans non franchise preschool provides the best preschool management solution which is both budget friendly and profitable for your business.

So, which one is the better? Both starting a preschool brand and starting a preschool franchise have their individual benefits that every preschool desires.

What if it's possible to get benefits of both of these options on one platform? Yes, that's possible!

With a non franchise preschool you not only establish your own brand name, but also get support from the company along with many other advantages! Take a look at the highlighted benefits of a non franchise preschool below :

  • A zero royalty franchise
  • Pay no franchise costs
  • One time small investment only
  • Establish your own brand name
  • Do budget friendly investment
  • Get regular support and guidance from scratch till the end
  • Run your preschool as you want without following any regulations set by a non franchise preschool
  • Share responsibilities
  • Show self innovation

Getting a non franchise preschool is the easiest and most comfortable way to open a preschool and is worth your investment. Setting up a preschool isn't an easy task, yet when you set up a non franchise preschool, it becomes easy!

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