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Importance of a good Kindergarten curriculum

Kindergarten is the first stage of education in your child’s life. It is a stage where learning is initiated among children and acts as construction of a building.

A kindergarten has utmost significance in your child’s life. Some parents prefer providing kindergarten education at home which can’t be right for them. Sending a kid to the kindergarten provides a proper framework of learning through a specific development kindergarten curriculum necessary for the holistic development of your kid.

Kindergarten Curriculum is Underrated

One can not provide the correct kindergarten curriculum at home. Since it is the foundational stage of learning, risks should not be prompted. Selecting the right kindergarten for your kid is a tough task.

It includes considering a lot of factors to make the correct decision and come to a conclusion. One of such most dominant factors include whether the kindergarten provides the conventional kindergarten curriculum necessary for your child.

The quality of kindergarten curriculum must be ensured by every early education provider. Teeny Beans curriculum is both accurate and academic, which acts as a backbone to establish the right learning in your child. It is done through a playful and qualitative experience without putting a burden on your child. We consider :

“Shaping your child’s education journey in the right way”

Teeny Beans has adopted a British curriculum based on the EYFS System to allow children to grow in an accurate manner and prepare them for schooling.

We have discussed how the importance of kindergarten curriculum shouldn’t be undervalued. Read the whole blog and find out what Teeny Beans kindergarten curriculum offers for your child.

What does a Kindergarten Curriculum Contain?

Children are born with an innate desire to learn and explore new things and topics. They are curious about everything that surrounds them. This makes it necessary that they get experience through separate activities and experiences which will develop critical thinking in them.

This will assist in developing problem solving and comprehension of their age.

“A perfect curriculum for the perfect growth”

An accurate kindergarten curriculum requires consideration of all above said things and include them through several activities for cognitive development of children.

It should provide knowledge of the world to them and how to become social and behave in society. It establishes a behavioural pattern in them along with inducing learning and growth opportunities.

Additionally, a kindergarten curriculum must include the educational learning of literacy and building pre maths skills among children to prepare them for schooling and building a habit into them.

Know the Importance of Kindergarten Curriculum

Some people today underestimate the importance of the kindergarten curriculum. Teaching the same syllabus to children at home isn’t efficient. Setting up an environment for children to grow naturally works the most. They need to be independent somehow, however, some parents fail to comprehend this.

A kindergarten curriculum not only makes children learn, but it also allows them to learn in the right manner and the right environment. It provides more chances of growth and a sound ase of learning when children learn and interact among others of their age.

We have highlighted the importance of the kindergarten curriculum below for you.

Stimulates the right development

A kindergarten curriculum is responsible for developing children in the right way. Educationalists are well aware of how learning can be initiated among children without forcing them to learn.

That is why, a kindergarten curriculum states all activities and learning that need to take place in a kindergarten that have the most possibilities of stimulating the right brain cells.

Establishes a sound base of learning

Kindergarten is not only about playing. It's about learning while playing!

Children need to be prepared for studying in future. Directly sending children to schools won’t work, since they will not have any prior know-how of education. This is where the importance of kindergarten curriculum steps in.

A kindergarten curriculum, through its components, will help children to learn many significant things related to education and establish a sound base of learning within them.

This learning stage acts as a foundation throughout life and acts as an assistance in better education, concentration and learning until all stages of education.

Initiates growth opportunities among children

The correct kindergarten curriculum allows children to interact with each other, enhance their skills and find new talents. As it is the first stage of their life, they can conveniently develop new talents in them. Thus, they have ample opportunities to explore and get along during this phase.

Learn to interact with society

When children are provided early education, they learn the ways of the world. They learn how one behaves while meeting any acquaintance or when saying them goodbye.

They learn different etiquettes, and start conversing with others around them. The right kindergarten curriculum is significant for such a reason.

Physical, social and emotional growth

With the evolving technological advances in every field, kindergartens have come up with the latest technology to teach children through smart classes or providing practical scenarios of learning.

The kindergarten curriculum always focuses on the appropriate skill building among toddlers which assists in developing them physically, socially and emotionally.

Become self responsible

Unlike teaching at home, a kindergarten allows children to be their own self takers. They learn how to eat by themselves, go to washrooms without their parents and become responsible for themselves.

Apart from it, they also start reacting to their surroundings. Children start looking after each other and take care of each other. This develops sympathy inside them.

Encourages creativity and curiosity

A kindergarten curriculum makes children aware of several topics essential for comprehension. The more they know, the more their mind works and generates curiosity in them.

You will find your little brother or sister randomly asking you about why it’s morning right now or why is the sky blue, or even why there’s only one sun!

They become creative and get new ideas daily, mostly turning their creativeness into art and craft.

The Uniqueness of Teeny Beans Kindergarten Curriculum

Teeny Beans kindergarten curriculum aims at holistic development of children through the right manner. The curriculum enriches the inherent qualities of toddlers, and provides guidance to teachers to administer the class in the right way for better outcomes.

The kindergarten curriculum of Teeny Beans stands out from others due to a lot of reasons pinpointed below :

Focus on cognitive development

Our kindergarten curriculum aims at physical, social and emotional development of children while keeping in mind all aspects of growth.

It is done through regular activities and an active participation of children.

Learn while playing

We focus on making students learn and grow through pre planned play. All lessons, skills, etiquettes, etc. are taught in a playful manner ensuring that your child enjoys the process of studying.

Constant learning

Continuity is the key to learning in the most efficient manner. We ensure that your child remains consistent with kindergarten learning by providing an attracting atmosphere across all Teeny Beans institutions.

An Augmented Curriculum

We believe that children need to prosper in every field possible and enrich themselves every day. Our aim is providing individual development to every child and emphasis on self discovery.

Teeny Beans kindergarten curriculum is there to encourage your child at every stage of early education.

Based on EYFS framework

Our kindergarten curriculum is centred on the British curriculum of learning and the EYFS system. It foregrounds what your child should learn and how, in order to attain healthy growth.

The child will learn and grow while developing in 7 areas of learning.

The EYFS, i.e, Early Years Foundation Stage is a framework used for early years learning in the UK. Keeping in mind the framework, Teeny Beans curriculum has been curated and structured holistic and spiritual development of toddlers in all aspects.

Assessments are constantly taking place, and PSA areas of learning ( prime, specific and augmented) areas are given utter importance.

There are many kindergartens out there providing several kinds of curriculum for the development of children.

As a parent, you must be aware of why a kindergarten curriculum is significant for your child and how a better kindergarten curriculum escalates the chances of your child’s improvement and his/her future prospects of success.

Teeny Beans kindergarten curriculum is what your child needs for the best growth. As a low investment preschool franchise, Teeny Beans comprehends the crucialness of a well structured kindergarten curriculum necessary for holistic growth.

Our preschools are passed on the same curriculum to advance the needed growth framework throughout different preschools. We aim at providing the best education for your child and enhancing the learning experience.

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