Is starting a preschool a smart investment?

Invest in Preschool Industry : Worth the Risk

If you are thinking of starting a business of your own, while you are doing something in the favor of society, doing a preschool investment will be the most profitable for you.

Today’s era of increasing literacy rate in the country demands more and more education for people of all ages. This education becomes the most significant when it comes to the beginning of education.


Preschools have a high demand today. No matter whatever the economy is facing, the education sector hardly fluctuates. It always offers demanding opportunities of investment to the potential edupreneurs.

This article limelights how preschool investment is totally worth your efforts!

Why a preschool?

A good beginning in terms of education always results in a good journey. Toddlers are the future of the nation. If they’ll not receive a worthy education, then who will?

For this purpose, you can witness preschools opening in every locality. People are sending their children to preschool to get them on the right track for a better education in the future.

Administering a preschool is something that everyone needs to be perfect in. the quality of your services determine whether your preschool will achieve a good reputation in the society or not.

This cannot be achieved single handedly. That’s why preschool franchises are becoming quite common today. People find low investment preschool franchises like Teeny Beans perfect for their investments as they get good returns.

Investments in preschool franchises are becoming a trend today. Instead of opening their own preschool, people find low investment preschool franchises and invest in them.

These franchises not only help in starting a preschool of your own but influence the preschool owners in the right direction to achieve success in their establishment.

What is a preschool franchise?

A franchise is a kind of contract under which the owner or the franchisor of any product or service, gives the franchisee a right to use that brand to sell its product or service. Franchising business is gaining much popularity in the education sector today.

Business people usually find low investment preschool franchises worthy to invest in. Such franchises provide their resources to their franchisees. Apart from it, constant guidance, ideas, experience, technological know-how is shared to the franchisee for their success.

This makes opening a preschool an easy task and one doesn’t end up alone as the low investment preschool franchise always has your back.

What is a preschool?

Preschool , or a nursery school, a kindergarten or a play school is an educational institution responsible for providing educational services to children between the age of 3 to 5 years.

Education is given with the aid of fun learning and innovative activities and tasks. Professionals are trained to teach children and handle them the right way with constant nurturing.

How is an investment in starting a preschool beneficial?

Can be easily set up

Preschool investment is the perfect if you are looking to open a venture which can be easily set up and run.

A good growth

According to recent statistical data, the preschool industry will grow at a CAGR of 8% from 2021 to 2025.

One can open a preschool easily without much thinking. You can enter the preschool sector very easily with a small investment and can leave the sector when you want. It’s all on you. Since the preschool business doesn’t require any of the legal requirements, it’s easy to exit or enter the field.

A respectful business opportunity

Education is a respectful business. Opening a preschool will not only increase the goodwill of your preschool, but will result in enhancing the reputation of your family too in the locality.

Advantage of population’s age gap

75% of the population in the country is under 35 years of age which makes it even more probable that preschool investment during this time will be worth it.

Increasing number of working couples

Today, one may see many working couples and nuclear families. As a result, people always want their child to be in safe hands. What can be better than a preschool environment where the child stays safe and as well as learns the basic things?

Better opportunity for women entrepreneurs

If you are a woman entrepreneur, preschool investment is the best business for you. As a woman, you can both handle your home and business side by side. Besides that, women are naturally caring and know well to handle children the right way. Opening a preschool with the help of a low investment preschool franchise will be the best for you.

Good return on investment

Preschools are demanding today at a high scale. There is less expenditure and more earning, which makes it even more clear how good it is for you to opt for preschool investment.

Want to open a low investment preschool in Kolkata or a Tier II or Tier III metropolitan city in India?

Are you one of those mothers who wanted to start a business and earn for yourself but couldn’t due to children? Well, you must be loving your children a lot then?

If you are so caring and adorable, why not display this quality in a business and earn with it while you manage your children side by side? Yes, that’s possible with a preschool investment.

You can easily open your own preschool with the help of a low investment preschool franchise in India. Unlike other preschool franchises, our low investment preschool franchise business model doesn’t ask for any royalty or franchise costs.


As described above, preschool investment is a lucrative business today. It isn’t hard to manage and you are doing a great task by helping the younger generation prepare for their future schooling for better prospects later in their life.

It’s easy to start a preschool, especially with a low investment preschool franchise. You just have to invest in equipment, infrastructure, advertising, furniture etc. and there your preschool’s ready.

Are you not experienced enough? It doesn’t matter!

You just have to take care of toddlers and teach basic things which your staff will. Apart from that, why’s there a low investment preschool franchise? We will help you at every step.

From guiding you to recruit staff properly, to smoothly running your preschool the right way! Become self employed and earn for your reputation and dreams.

No risk preschool franchise

The best way for your preschool investment is to invest through a low investment preschool franchise.

Teeny Beans is a zero royalty preschool franchise that doesn’t charge any franchise costs unlike other preschool franchises in the market. We believe in your success through us.

Want to know how Teeny Beans helps edupreneurs establish their preschool? Get answers here.

Our endeavors to provide low investment business opportunities allow us to be in the good books of our partners. Not only do we provide the support for running and administering your preschool, we also allow you to be your own boss.

Opening a preschool with Teeny Beans low investment preschool franchise doesn’t put any burden of following the brand guidelines throughout your preschool journey. You can set your own policies and run them freely.

You can name the preschool whatever you want and build your own identity instead of investing in any other brand name for no reason.

We only charge a one-time partnership fee, which is comparable to investing 12 to 15 lakhs in minimum infrastructure and then 6 to 7 lakhs in franchise costs, as well as later royalty costs, as other brands do.

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