Legal requirements for opening a preschool in India

The legal requirements for opening a preschool in India

Who doesn’t want to earn profits today? An escalating standard of living has resulted in a furious competition among everyone to succeed and earn the highest.

With such a rat race going on all around the globe, edupreneurs always desire a business which provides a good return with less investment and less risk. Such a scenario provides opening a preschool as one of the most growing business opportunities to invest in today.

Are you also thinking of opening a preschool? Well then, you should better be aware of the legal requirements significant for establishing a preschool in the country.


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Necessities for opening a preschool in India

Starting a business of any kind is risky and requires great care. Same is the case with a preschool!

Utmost diligence is the most crucial factor for gaining success nowadays. Preschool is an achieving business today. It may seem easy but there are a lot of things to do to accomplish the establishment of a preschool.

Apart from the legal requirements for opening a preschool in India, there are a lot of other factors that you need to consider as well.

Below are mentioned all the requirements you should ensure while opening a preschool in India.

Making a Business Plan

A business like a preschool can’t be started without any previous plans.

Start the right way to end up succeeding the right way.

Business planning is the first and foremost step you should take to open a preschool in India. Plan the things as you want as this business plan is the map of your preschool’s journey.

Watch the complete video to learn how to create a strong preschool business plan.


Deciding a budget

While establishing a preschool, there are many investments in terms of money that need to be done.

You have to invest in infrastructure, advertisement, recruitment, supplies etc. for the preschool. Decision is to be made whether you’ll take a loan or anything else.

Therefore, decide a budget under which you plan to start a preschool as others will act as a driving factor through it.


Infrastructure is a driving factor that determines your preschool's condition and the facilities you'll provide.

It is therefore important to decide in advance about the equipment and all other things necessary for your preschool such as number of desks or swings etc.


Make sure that the preschool location you choose is in a residential area. No preschool will succeed if it doesn't surround its target customers.

Choose a location that will supply not only your target customers but required supplies for running the preschool.


It should be a safe area as you have to consider the safety of children as well.

Mode of Business

Decide whether you want to run a preschool all by yourself or do you want to take the help of a preschool franchise.

Starting a preschool all on your own requires a lot of work to be done. It is better when you are acquainted with some expertise at your support.

With a low investment preschool franchise, you can open a preschool conveniently with proper guidance and support throughout your preschool journey.

Recruiting staff

You always need staff to run your preschool efficiently. Decide the qualification requirements for teachers and the process through which you will hire your staff.

Do not forget to hire maids as well for cleaning and maintaining preschool’s sanitation.

Framing policies

Policies are necessary for running a preschool in a proper way. It decides all guidelines for students, teachers, parents, etc.

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) issued pre-school guidelines for all pre-school management in 2018. The guidelines can be found here:

You need to frame these policies to ensure a well-functioned running of your preschool. To keep everything in its place and as per your suitability, policies are to be framed carefully.

No preschool can run without students. These students will not come until or unless your presence is not known to the families.

The best way to tell about your presence is through advertisement. Advertise your preschool in and around your locality.

Distribute pamphlets in newspapers, put up hoardings, organize open houses or society events. For a detailed description of amazing marketing strategies for your preschool, read the blog

While opening a preschool, one of the main questions that comes into mind is: What are the legal requirements that one has to go through for opening a preschool? Or Are there any legal requirements for the same?

You obviously need to fulfill some certain legal requirements for opening a preschool in India. One requires a license, yet it is only demanded in some states.

Since there isn’t any law passed by the central government till now to get a license for opening a preschool, some states demand a license, while some do not. Every state has its own legislation. Your state can or cannot have such rules.

Apart from all that, you have to go through the formalities with the educational department and municipal corporation of your city. Additionally, some norms have been established for preschool curriculum, safety, teaching, the records of school admissions, equipment for playing, etc. that you must abide by.

There are some laws such as POSCO Act 2012, the Child Labor Act of 1986, the Juvenile Act of 2015 and Child Labor Act of 2016 that must be followed by you.

How can you open a preschool?

There are only two ways through which you can open a preschool which are mentioned below :

Becoming a part of a preschool franchise

First of all, you can be a part of a preschool franchise and open a franchisee of their brand. Preschool franchise helps to set up a preschool and one has to pay a certain franchise cost and royalty to the brand.

You open a preschool with their brand name and you have to follow the guidelines set up by the preschool franchise only. However, they support you to establish your preschool and run it without any obstacles.

Establishing your own institution

Opening a preschool on your own is another way to start your dream project. You can name your preschool whatever you want and run it as per your own. However, opening a preschool on your own completely is a tough task.

Even if you are experienced in this field, opening a preschool isn’t a right hand job. There are a lot of things that need to be managed and supervised properly for a smooth procedure.

So you do need a preschool franchise’s help for the same. But isn’t it expensive and troublesome? Not with Teeny Beans!

Open a Preschool with Teeny Beans

Thinking of how to open a preschool in a way that you open it with the help of a preschool franchise but also have the privilege of all the freedom of opening your own preschool?

It’s possible with Teeny Beans. We are a zero royalty preschool franchise and charge no franchise costs for establishing a preschool with our low investment preschool franchise.

You can open a preschool with Teeny Beans in limited investment only and choose whichever brand name you want to. We provide constant support and guidance from start till the end for setting up a preschool and running it smoothly.

Likewise, set up your own guidelines for running your preschool and get automatic care of legal requirements with Teeny Beeans budget friendly preschool franchise.

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