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Understand EYFS LKG Syllabus 2022-2023

Complete guide to EYFS LKG Syllabus - Teeny Beans

Children have better learning skills and sharp minds in their early years of life. They quickly pick up whatever we say or do. As a parent or teacher, one should always speak or do in front of them what we want them to learn and what is best for them. Understanding and paying attention to their LKG syllabus and acting in accordance with it, will be the best way to make them learn what’s right.

LKG or Lower Kindergarten is a crucial stage in a child’s life where a base is developed for the future. Children are taught through painting, singing and playing exercises. They learn to interact and develop emotionally, physically and socially. Therefore, LKG syllabus should be developed in a way that it caters to their learning and creative needs.

The EYFS LKG syllabus is framed in the correct manner to help children grow and learn by enjoying practically. The syllabus focuses on inculcating children with moral ethics and social values during their transition phase from home to school. We have therefore paid proper attention while curating the LKG syllabus.

Mould the children into the right shape with EYFS LKG Syllabus

Unless or until the children are not shown a correct path, they’ll go down the road as they want. With proper knowledge of the LKG syllabus, you know what is needed to turn them to the correct path. Know that preschool education can’t be skipped.

Let’s take an example. A building is never constructed from above. If you have an empty land and wish to construct a building on it, you need to start from the bottom, which is the base of the building. Without a base, there’s no building. Similarly, without a sound base of a child’s education, you can’t teach them further properly.

The building will soon fall if the foundation is weak. Likewise, a child weakens in studies if his/her educational foundation isn’t built well.

This foundation is built through a well structured LKG class syllabus. A perfect LKG syllabus will help your child for a better future. Each topic and subject is important for the right development. Teach children the right LKG syllabus for their bright future.

LKG Syllabus as per EYFS

The EYFS LKG syllabus focuses on fundamental literacy and numeracy to build language and pre-math skills among children from early years of life. It also includes extracurricular activities to let kids learn while they are having fun. Consequently the EYFS LKG class syllabus comprises Mathematics, English, Additional concepts, etc.

Subject wise LKG syllabus

The EYFS LKG class syllabus of Term I includes the following subjects for holistic development of children :

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Supplementary Concepts
  • Extracurricular Activities

Let’s discuss each component of these subjects one by one.

LKG Syllabus for Mathematics

The EYFS LKG class syllabus of Mathematics includes the following contents :

Pre-number Concepts

  • Identify and learn Big-Small concept
  • Identify and learn Tall-Short concept

Count up to 4

  • Identify Numbers
  • Relate Numbers to each other
  • Learn to Count up to 4
  • Sort numbers in Ascending Order
  • Sort numbers in Descending Order
  • Learn Number Rhymes
  • Find and Trace
  • Write up to 4

Count up to 50

Learn and recognise numbers up to 50


Identify and Associate Shapes ( Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle )

LKG Syllabus for English

The EYFS LKG class syllabus of English includes the following contents :

Capital and small letter (A -J)

  • Identification of letters
  • Phonic Drill
  • Sorting letters
  • Find, Trace and Match
  • Drawing pictures related to letters
  • Mind Mapping
  • Rainbow Writing
  • Recite and learn rhymes
  • Listening Stories for increasing imagination
  • Writing Practices of letters
  • Do Picture Reading

Storytelling through Picture Reading

Helps in building creativity

Identification of beginning letter and creating story by picture

Assists in raising imagination and creativity

A to Z

Orally Recognize all letters

Pretend Reading

Builds up confidence

Theme-Based Rhymes

Recite Rhymes on different themes to improve learning and speaking skills

Line Recognition

Practice Standing Line, Sleeping Line and Slanting Line

  • AV pattern
  • C mirror C pattern
  • U inverted U pattern

LKG Syllabus for Supplementary Concepts

LKG syllabus for Supplementary Concepts

The EYFS LKG class syllabus for Supplementary concepts includes the following contents :

Identify Primary Colors for better understanding

Learn about pet animals

  • What do pet animals eat?
  • Where do pet animals live?

Learn about wild animals

  • What do wild animals eat?
  • Where do wild animals live?

Introduction to different flowers - Learn and Recognise

Learn basics of conversation

Learning Months in a year

LKG Syllabus for Extracurricular activities

The EYFS LKG class syllabus for Extracurricular activities includes the following contents :

Arts and Crafts

  • Make Crafts related to different occasions
  • Best out of Waste Crafts

Motor Skill Development Activities

  • Pass/ Toss the ball
  • Bowling
  • Catch Bubbles


  • Pool Party
  • Summer Camp
  • Pajama Party

We have discussed the EYFS LKG class Syllabus which is fit for your toddler. It constitutes every topic that is essential for a child’s development and growth. Follow it thoroughly and build the right base needed for a child.









Understanding and following properly what has been written becomes difficult. With Teeny Beans low investment preschool franchise, we provide you guidance at every step and assist you properly so that you follow the LKG Syllabus in the right way and brighten the mind of your students.

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Frequently Asked

What is taught in the LKG Syllabus to students?

In an LKG Syllabus, children are taught basic moral values, good manners, ways to socialize with others, numbers, alphabets, fruits, vegetables, etc. Each part of the LKG class syllabus is made to ensure correct growth of children.

The main purpose of a LKG class syllabus is to build a sound base for children so that they can study and understand things well in future. It helps children grow and develop in the right manner and prepare for a better future. If a child isn’t taught properly during these early years, then it may impact his/her abilities in future and can disrupt his/her learning flow. LKG class syllabus teaches children moral ethics and social values along with fundamental topics through practical exercises.

LKG is the short form for Lower Kindergarten. It is an early stage of education in a child’s life and provides knowledge about understanding of life.

The EYFS LKG class syllabus focuses on four major areas, namely, Mathematics, English Language, Supplementary Concepts and Extracurricular activities.

In India, LKG is the second stage of early education. Children of LKG class are usually between the age of 4 to 5 years.

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