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NEP 2020 and its Impacts on play school industry

Impact of NEP 2020

Preschools have been enjoying their strategies of making profits and freedom to teach as per their wishes for decades. Education policies come and go, however, no framework was established for preschools until the National Education Policy of 2020 laid its impact on preschools. The NEP 2020 for preschool was announced on July 29, 2020 which included a standard framework for curriculum of all the preschools.

What does NEP 2020 for Preschool say?

Before the announcement of this policy, preschools were always neglected and ECE ,i.e, Early Childhood Education was never included in any education policy as it was not considered a significant part of the education system. However, with the launch of NEP 2020 for preschool, the coin flipped to its other side.

You’ll find the preschools in rural areas teaching only the alphabet or rhymes to their students. However, on the other hand, a preschool located in an urban area will be teaching syllabus related to Grade 1 or 2. There’s a huge difference!

It is significant that early education of children is provided properly, as it acts as a base for future education. With the introduction of NEP 2020 for preschool, it is ensured that education which is crucial for a child’s proper development is provided in uniformity by all preschools of the country.

Know about National Education Policy (NEP)

NEP or National Education Policy is responsible for constructing a framework to develop education in the country. The first NEP was released in 1968. Later, the second one in 1986 and in 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented NEP 2020.

The National Education Policy of 2020 is approved by the cabinet and various alterations were made into it regarding the education system of the country, from preschool till college level of education.

The NEP 2020 for preschools is focussing to improve the standard of education for preschools and shift it to secondary level. Benefit of children is the main target so that the children can get a proper chance of improving and build their careers in future.

Why is NEP 2020 for preschool significant?

NEP 2020 for preschool aims at a lot of objectives for the better future of children of our country. It is significant due to a lot of reasons which have been listed below :

  • Early childhood education builds up a sound base for children, which if not provided properly, may hamper their future education. It is necessary that NEP tries to frame it better for them.
  • There should be a bridge between outcomes that come from today's learning, and outcomes that will come out after reformation is done.
  • NEP 2020 is a priority for preschool practitioners since Early Childhood Education was always neglected earlier.
  • There is no uniformity of curriculum for ECE and every preschool varies in their curriculum due to vagueness of syllabus to be taught. NEP 2020 for preschool ensures a uniformity in this curriculum for betterment of children's future. Equality is focussed among different section of society by providing education to all.
  • Through these new reforms, preschoolers are becoming school ready for Grade 1.
  • The main vision of NEP 2020 relates to 'Atma Nirbhar Bharat Program' and 'NIPUN Bharat'.

Thus, the government wants to regulate the preschool sector and make improvements into it by transforming these preschools into not-for-profit organizations.

Changes Introduced by NEP 2020 for Preschools

The following alterations have come up with the introduction of NEP 2020 :

  • The system 10+2 set up by NEP 1986 previously, was replaced by 5+3+3+4. The previous system started with Grade 1 and never included children of preschool in the education system, which states that it wasn't considered necessary.
  • However, as per the NEP 2020 for preschools, education for children of age 3 - 6 years will be considered mandatory. The first 5 years of education will include 3 years of preschool education and 2 years of primary education. The ages in the structure will be divided as 3-8, 8-11, 11-14 and 14-18 years.

  • All the stages of education are named differently according to their purpose. The first stage of 3-8 years will be known as the foundational stage, followed by 8-11 years as preparatory stage, which is succeeded by the middle stage of 11-14 years, and the last stage of 14-18 years as secondary stage according to NEP 2020 for preschool.
  • Early childhood education, given at the age of 3-5 was never considered a part of schooling. However, the new NEP 2020 for preschool makes it a part of formal schooling.
  • The program named as mid-day meal, which was available till primary education, will be extended to the batch of pre-schools too.
  • All students upto Class 5 will be taught in their regional language or mother tongue.
  • Researches show that the past few years have seen a commendable growth in the importance of early childhood education. It impacts a child's development in the right way and builds the necessary personality after years.
  • ECE will be a part of the formal school curriculum.
  • An independent authoritative organization will be responsible to regulate both private and public schools.
  • NEP 2020 for preschool has stated that fundamental literacy and numeracy will be prioritized subjects while teaching. Apart from education, extracurricular activities and vocational streams will be considered a part of the curriculum rather than being seperated.
  • NEP needs to ensure that children get the right growth and development through all crucial areas.

  • Results will display overall progress made by children during the year, considering 360 degree holistic development.
  • There has been a change for the teachers as well. All teachers will need a minimum B.Ed. degree to become a teacher in any school by the year 2030.

All these changes made by NEP 2020 for preschool ensures that children get a quality education by the end of 2030 so that they are able to live a standard life and build a good career for themselves. It will ensure the development and growth of the country in the right way as well. Students will be prepared in advance to enter a higher stage of education.

It is expected that NEP 2020 will be implemented properly throughout the country by 2040. In order to make everything stated in the policy real, it will take time and hardwork and many qualified teachers. The government will ensure that it is implemented smoothly.

Investment in early childhood education is similar to investment in the future of the country. NEP 2020 for preschool ensures that quality education is provided to all the students including underprivileged as well, only then the policy will be implemented to its full use and will flourish.

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