Preschool business prospects in small cities in India

Preschool business prospects in small cities in India

Day after day, the country is witnessing a greater preschool market size in India which raises the number of business opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs.

As a business person, one always looks for a unique opportunity to invest in and grab greater revenues. This blog will enlighten you on the preschool market in India and how it is beneficial for you.

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Why is the Preschool Market in India Growing?

According to some recent reports, it is expected that the preschool market in India will see a growth of CAGR 9.57% from the year 2022 to 2026.

There are a lot of factors that drive the growth of the preschool market in India. Let’s take a look at them:

Increasing Population

India has the second largest population in the world after China. It is certain that the country possesses a lot of toddlers ready for their preschooling age. With parents getting more aware of the significance of preschool education, one can see more and more children admitting into preschools.

India has the largest population of infants which is around 15 crores. With such rates, how would preschool market size in India not grow?

More and more children in the country, increase the chances of getting more and more success and consequently, making investment in preschools the right opportunity.

Preschool market in India doesn’t have many drawbacks especially in case of lack of people taking the services. Adhering to a good population, one can always expect lots of toddlers coming in for admissions.

Literacy Rate

As per the 2022 NSO data, India’s current literacy rate is 77.70% which automatically reflects the increasing awareness of education among people.

One of the major reasons for rising preschool market size in India is this literacy rate. Most of the parents today are educated. They know the significance of preschool education.

A good preschool education increases the chances of a sound base among children which facilitates better future education. The preschool market in India has many preschool franchises offering the best preschool services to children.

Such preschool education aims to provide an overall development of children, physically, emotionally and mentally. A vital growth of mind is necessary at this early foundational stage of learning.

With so many competitors in the preschool market in India, as an entrepreneur, make sure to choose the right franchise to invest in so that you benefit your preschool rather than just benefitting a brand.

Rising Women Entrepreneurs

Today’s world is becoming a world with equality of gender at any stage. Not only men, but women are entrepreneurs nowadays too. They are also establishing their own enterprises to gain independence of working for themselves.

The increasing number of women in the labor force also drives towards the rising preschool market size in India. Opening and administering a preschool is an easy task.

In addition, women are natural care takers and handle children well. Their quality of being a multitasker allows them to manage both their home and business together. This can be done with a preschool business.

The preschool market in India has amazing prospects for women who are looking to open a business for themselves and become independent.

Many business owners today in the preschool market in India are women only.

Online Services

Every parent is concerned for their child’s safety. With so many concerns and disturbance, a few of these parents prefer to teach their child at home through online preschool services.

The heavy growth in the preschool market in India would not have been possible if online services wouldn’t have been there.

Especially after the Covid 19 pandemic in the country, the need for safety of a child is preferred. Many preschools are opting to provide online preschooling services as well.

This makes preschooling comfortable and convenient for children especially those who do not have a preschool nearby.

Thus, the trend of online preschooling services is also one of the major reasons behind the increase in the size of preschool market in India today.

Growing Competition

The preschool market in India is not only an outcome of the significance of preschool education, however, the necessity for it as well.

India is a developing country. Many families are nuclear today. Many parents are single parents. Everyone is competing with each other to gain success and earn more to live a life of better standards.

Most parents are working today and are left with no one to take care of their toddlers. This is where preschools and day care centers step in for the rescue.

The need for good caretaking services is not enough. Parents desire that their child remains in good hands while they are gone.

They want their child to grow positively and attract good vibes which is possible with a preschool.

Thus , this expands the preschool market size in India even more.

The entry of Preschool franchises

The preschool market in India is majorly preschool franchises. Preschool franchises are not only targeting big cities but are driving to small towns now.

Investing in preschool franchises is beneficial only when one can easily establish their preschool with all the support and help that is needed. But the preschool franchisors took all you heard and earn money as royalty and you end up promoting their brand instead of yours.

So a low-investment preschool franchise is preferred by everyone. Teeny Beans zero royalty preschool franchise model doesn’t charge any franchise and royalty for opening a preschool with them.

This benefits the edupreneurs who are looking for the best support franchise in budget friendly investment.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities

Today’s preschool market in India is shifting more to tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Such cities do not have many preschools for the development of the country. In addition, many preschool franchises prefer these areas due to the many benefits they provide.

There is a greater chance of earning revenue in such cities as your preschool might be the first or the only one in the whole area.

As compared to metropolitan cities, such cities will demand lesser investment in form of rent, labor etc. which will decrease the cost of running a preschool for you.

People of these cities will prefer learning the new ways of working of administration. Due to the lack of educational resources among them, they will be more curious to know and learn. One business can easily avail cheap resources from them and benefit both the people and the business.

Thus, the preschool market in India is progressing at a great speed and level with taking care of all groups of people in the country.

Teeny Beans' zero franchise fee preschool model upholds a great value in the preschool market in India today. It not only provides budget friendly investment for opening a preschool, but also allows preschool owners to set up a name for their preschool, unlike other preschool franchises.

You can conveniently open a preschool with Teeny Beans in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and invest in your preschool rather than just brand names of other franchises.

Build an identity in the preschool market in India with Teeny Beans. Visit our website and contact us for any queries.

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