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Facts About the Rising Daycare Business Today

The Daycare Industry is the most emerging field to invest in today. Daycares are not just there to look after a child, yet it allows a child to explore the environment around him/her and become social, self responsible and independent. If you are looking to invest in a daycare business, you’ll not regret it.

Let’s learn more about daycare business in this blog.

An Introduction to Daycare Business

India with its increasing population is witnessing a rising number of nuclear families, both parents working and even many single parents. There are a lot of single mothers today who are working to make the ends meet.

The escalating competition and significance of better living standards has made it even more compulsory for parents to work harder and earn more.

Such a scenario demands children to be taken care of by someone. The household also needs management and care. Most of the time it's grandparents or nanny opted by such parents for the responsibility and care of their children while they are away.

However, today many organizations are working for this same purpose which allows a better development of children in a suitable environment necessary for their holistic growth.

A daycare business is responsible for stimulating growth factors in children and assisting them to generate their hobbies and interests along with building skills into them. Children learn better behavior and advance in academics.

“The perfect second home of children”

Parents can work stress free and focus on their goals once they are aware about their child’s well being. With their child being taken care of by a daycare business, they need not to be worried the whole day.

Investment in a Daycare Business

Investing in the daycare industry and opening a daycare business is the most lucrative opportunity for an edupreneur today. It’s not only an easy activity yet the daycare business is quite different from other business options.

Provide a valuable service to the parents through taking care of children in your daycare business and earn great with this idea.

One can see a lot of organizations coming up to provide extended preschool franchises for a daycare business. Most people today look for better opportunities in a limited investment and stay away from investing high adhering to higher risks.

Teeny Beans is a zero royalty preschool franchise provider that provides such services like setting up a daycare business within a budget friendly investment!

Are Preschool Business and Daycare Business Different or Same?

People often get confused between a preschool and a daycare business and end up thinking both the same. However, both of them are similar to each other, yet not the same. A huge difference lies between the two.

A daycare business provides its services for the whole day especially for working parents. Usually 40% of the daycares have a curriculum to be taught, yet many of them uplift the children’s social and physical development through playing and other activities.

They allow children to take significant rest and provide them with food. Most often, a daycare business handles toddlers and infants whose parents are working and can’t look after them due to their jobs.

In comparison, a preschool is responsible for teaching the children of age 3 to 6 years and providing them an environment to enhance their skills and knowledge of various topics. It mainly focuses on preparing the child for schooling and making him/her habitual through becoming self responsible and independent.

Thus, a daycare business and a preschool business shouldn't be considered the same mainly due to the purposes they provide.

Several Issues Encountered by Daycare Industry

Today, the daycare industry is facing enormous problems mainly concerning parents and their views over a daycare business. Every parent wants the best for their child. They need to ensure that the place they are leaving their child is suitable for the child’s correct growth or not.

Most of the daycare businesses face some common issues that parents recognize concerning their organization. Such issues are highlighted below :

Insufficient space

A daycare business can be set up anywhere including a home. This makes it difficult to provide an ample space for all activities required to be done for a child’s growth. Mainly parents want a daycare business with sufficient space for their children, creating competition among various businesses in the daycare industry.

Schools with low staff

The daycare businesses with lower staff in comparison to what’s required, always act as a red flag for the parents. Understaffed daycare business means lesser staff to look after the child which is being an irresponsible daycare business, no parent would opt for.

A proper environment of the daycare

Appropriate environment of your daycare business helps in the development of children and make learning and ability enhancement convenient.

There are many other doubts in their mind including :

  • Whether the daycare offers an appropriate environment for children or not?
  • Do the teachers possess good teaching skills?
  • Is the infrastructure good?
  • Will the child be in safe hands?
  • And many more never ending questions!

Many organizations have come up today to boost the daycare industry while providing significant services that every parent asks for their child. One such organization is Teeny Beans, which aims at giving zero royalty preschool franchises with services of opening a daycare business as well.

Select the Right Franchise Model for Your Daycare Business

With the ongoing scenario of rapid competition, every edupreneur aims to earn high profits. Such profits are an outcome of standing ahead of all your competitors in the daycare industry.

Before selecting any franchise model for your daycare business, make sure that you keep in mind all factors governing the essence of your daycare. We have mentioned some tips to consider as a daycare business before opting a franchise model.

Considering Location

There are enormous franchises today in the daycare industry. Find a brand around your location as many brands are emerging that provide prime location facilities. Choose a suitable brand and grab the most opportunities from your location.

Reputation of the brand

A brand which has a great value in the society and offers several fantastic marketing and advertising can generate huge demand for your daycare business. Choose the apt one, to become an apt.

Additional Support

Getting a brand as per its brand value isn’t sufficient. It should provide additional support in all terms such as setting up a suitable infrastructure, guidance for the correct counseling of parents, taking care of the children in the right way, etc.

Become a good daycare business

No risks can be taken when it is concerned with the caretaking and safety of children. Opt a brand that has good experience in handling children and can pass on significant needed information to your daycare business as its franchise to ensure a better success of your daycare.

Advanced Technology

The onset of the rapidly escalating competition asks for better technology to get ahead of others. A modern infrastructure with all facilities like CCTV, screens, smart classes, etc. will attract parents more.

Where is Preschool Education Heading Towards?

India is rapidly adopting the current system of preschool education with the rise in the number of preschool businesses and daycare businesses. People are becoming more and more adapted to the current living standard which requires children to have an active childhood to establish a base of learning and prepare them for the future.

“Prepare your child for a better future”

With parents getting more aware about the necessity of early childhood education and care taken properly to stimulate growth, one can see the daycare industry as a great career opportunity to invest in. As per the recent reports, the daycare industry is to grow at a CAGR of 12% during the period 2021 to 2026.

The child of the 21st century is an advanced child witnessing all technological advancements. He/She deserves to be treated in the advanced manner and provided care through daycare centers where an environment is to be set up for enhancing brain cells and making a child social, independent and self responsible.

You’ll catch a glimpse of many franchisors offering services to open a daycare business. You need to pay a high royalty and franchise fee regularly in order to become a franchise. This only profits the franchisor, yet a daycare business is left with no profits for itself which is pernicious.

With Teeny Beans no royalty preschool franchise, you needn’t to pay any franchise costs and open your daycare business and make profits.

Unlike other preschool franchisors, Teeny Beans International Preschool provides entrepreneurs the most satisfying opportunity that doesn’t require high investments. You can just open your preschool/daycare within an investment under your budget and gain access to complete support and guidance by the franchisor at every step.

Get to know about the right way to solve business solutions, learn from our experiences and knowledge and be supported for a good success of your business.

Do not spend on paying high investments for opening your dream daycare business and open it within a limited investment with TEENY BEANS LOW INVESTMENT PRESCHOOL FRANCHISE as your one step solution.

Gain huge return on investments and profit your daycare business/ preschool through us! Read more about us at our website and contact us for opening your daycare business in a cheaper investment along with enormous benefits.

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