Zero Royalty Preschool Franchise Model in India
Zero Royalty Preschool Franchise Model in India

One of India’s booming businesses is that of a preschool franchise. It`s a very wise and profitable business decision that can be made. And why not! There are many preschools around India that have their own franchise openings in various regions of India and around the world. With parents` growing concerns about their children`s overall growth, they are considering and willing to provide their children with a quality education from preschool level and willing to spend also.

It is rightly said that at a preschool level, we are instilling in our children the foundation on which to build their future. This is one of the key reasons why early education plays a critical role in shaping the future of children. In the early days, grandma, grandpa, and nannies also became children`s guardians while their parents were away for work. In today`s technology-driven world, early education providers such as preschools, daycare are of critical significance and are gaining momentum as the go-to resource for busy parents.

So, what makes preschool franchises this lucrative? Read on to find out how pre-school franchises instill in education and are exciting investment opportunities for prospective franchisees.

As time passed, more structured models of preschools developed, establishing a position in the education field. Today, more than 33,000 formal preschools are operating successfully in India. In reality, preschool franchises are one of India`s most lucrative business opportunities.

The preschool industry itself in India is currently valued at more than 15,000 Crores, growing at a high CAGR of 23 percent. This is why opportunities in the Preschool Franchise Sector are thriving in Tier-I & II cities.

India is home to one of the largest populations of children, with a population of nearly 15 crore children, between the ages of 0-6 years and in need of early care.

Owing to growing competition for job opportunities and diminishing resources, it has become very common for parents to work twice as hard to provide their children with a decent future, which is why households with double incomes have seen growth in the last few years.

Requirements for the opening of a playschool in India

The number and popularity of playschools in India are growing, as more and more children attend preschools today. This is because parents are increasingly aware of the importance of providing pre-school education to their children. Playschools, in addition, play a significant role in improving every aspect of children`s development and learning and form the foundation for physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills. It shows an increase in demand for more playschools in India. Thus, opening a playschool is one of the most rewarding and successful ventures for people considering starting a business in the education sector.

What`s a preschool franchise?

A franchise is a type of agreement in which the individual owning the right to use the particular brand name gives the right to use it to others. The former is known as the "franchisor" and the latter is known as the "franchise." Franchising is very common in the education sector.

As a pre-school franchisee, you enjoy a lot of leverages, as most pre-schools have recruitment, training, successful promotional material, and event publicity. The franchisor shares with you not only the brand benefits of the company from a perceptional lens, but also the knowledge, experience, and technical know-how.

Play School Business – driving factors

– Expected Market size by 2025 Rs 40,000 Cr.

– Worry-free industry with minimal impact of economic downturns.

– Ease of entering the segment and low investment.

– Easy to set-up and operate.

– Success of the Franchise Model.

– Education is a socially respected business.

– 3/4 of the Indian population is below 35 years.

– Increasing the number of working couples and nuclear families.

– Rising demand for quality playschool education

– Modest investment and quick ROI.

There are many companies that are offering franchises in India. Some of them are Kidzee, Bachpan, Eurokids, Time kids, Shemrock, etc but their business model involves a huge amount to be paid as Royalty, and the Franchisee is left earning only peanuts. With evolving time and the increase in demand for preschool, many entrepreneurs are venturing into the industry, who wishes to make their own identity create their own brand. They don’t want to pay huge royalty to a company just for using their Brand name and putting their won hard work and efforts.

Are you looking for a Low Investment Business Model in Kolkata or any metro cities or Tier II and Tier III cities in India? Come and be part of our Zero Royalty Business Model Non-Franchise Preschool. We also offer consulting services to start your low-investment preschool franchise opportunities in Pan India.

As soon as you join the Teeny Beans preschool solution, you`ll have access to a lot of benefits because much of the Preschool research is taken care of by us. Not only do we build a brand identity for you, but we also share the information, technological skills, and experience to lead our Franchisee.

As more people have the ambition of getting into self –employed business and being a manager of own the Franchise Opportunity will always remain high. Our country is experiencing a huge Potential for both the Franchisors and the franchisees who are eager to grow in the educational field. As this field provides the best returns one expects and when it comes to brand success is sure. And this is what we give you with Teeny Beans International-A low Investment Preschool Franchisee.

When compared with other preschool franchisees Teeny Beans provides Low investment franchisee.

Zero –Risk Franchise Anywhere in India

As when you going to start with a brand that is already popular the failure risk becomes less, and herewith Teeny Beans as a brand is verified and proven in the educational market with the perfect reputation and the risk is zero. No Franchise fees and zero royalty, the risk factor is zero.

All these factors have made new players enter the market and grow their roots strong as same as the big brands. With the potential to set up a preschool/playschool for 1 lac-2 lacs. These low-investment pre-school franchisees are rapidly expanding their wings in Tier II and Tier II cities, making education feasible and possible for all.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are becoming more and more business-oriented. They get used to the company, including one involving a franchise. The franchise business model has been widely adopted by major cities in the world. In particular, the pre-school franchise is gaining popularity due to the need for education. The need for good education from the early stages of a child’s life and parental interest has led to the benefits of a franchise in cities. Small cities are glad to accept models of preschool franchises. With the advantages of having low rentals and an easy flow of employees, these cities are becoming more involved in franchises. Franchise preference is seen not only in metro cities but also in other small cities. Smaller cities are also contributing to the development of brands.

Franchise in smaller cities is important because Teeny Beans- International preschool wants to extend its quality pre-school education to these places as well. If you are looking to set up a preschool anywhere in India, learn more about the Teeny Beans model of operation.

Go through our blog section to know more about the preschool industry. Contact us for any queries.

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