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How did the ILC model multiply the profitability of a preschool?

The Brief -

With an experience of around 11 years in the software industry, Ms Jane Martina relocated to Chennai from Malaysia. Her passion to contribute to the future of the young generation drove her to take a Montessori teacher training course where she later started working as a directress as well.

Working in the same institute, she started gaining practical knowledge of what she had learnt during the teacher training course. And this led to the realisation and confidence to start her preschool.

In her own words - “ I have the potential to manage such an institution, so I thought ‘Why don’t I try it?”

The Challenges -

“I had an option to go with a franchise model. But with that, it is not that you run your school. Instead, it is like you work for someone else. Your goals and milestones are decided by someone else.” - Ms Jane Martina, Chinchilla International Preschool.

She had her vision for her preschool. And she knew this was not going to be an easy task. The challenges that she faced were -

  1. First and foremost, she was looking for an economical solution which can help her reach the break even at the earliest.
  2. Secondly, her vision for her preschool involved implementing her ideologies which needed flexibility.
  3. Location was another major factor as according to her it decides how quickly you can reach break-even.
  4. Moreover, she was concerned about ensuring the safety of the child within the preschool premises. According to her, when parents leave the child in school, they expect the child to return home safe and happy.
  5. Additionally, she wanted a curriculum which is not at par with the competitors but better than theirs.

To add up to all the above challenges, the school was expected to open in March 2020. And this is when the pandemic hit hard and a lockdown was declared. Gradually she started losing hope as more than 40 per cent of competitors had shut down their preschools. This is where the ILC model of Teeny Beans came into the picture.

The Approach -

“If not for the support from Teeny Beans' side to go on with this training, I don’t think I would be in the place that I am right now. The support given by ILC is tremendous” - Ms Jane Martina, Chinchilla International Preschool.

As the pandemic dampened her spirit to open a preschool, Teeny beans stepped in. Teeny Beans provided 360-degree support to her which encouraged her to continue with her plan. She was offered an ILC (Integrated Learning Centre) solution which allowed her to use her space efficiently and reach break-even at the earliest.

“ I had encountered Teeny Beans, so they reduced half of my work, promising the British EYFS curriculum and I didn't have to worry about the curriculum or its associated things anymore.” - Ms Jane Martina, Chinchilla International Preschool.

The EYFS curriculum provided by Teeny Beans played a major role in deciding the location of the school. Moreover, as Teeny Beans offers a non-franchise and no royalty model, she liked the flexibility that came along. She got an opportunity to open her own preschool with a brand name of her choice.

She also received support in procuring kid’s friendly and safe equipment relieving her of the safety issues. Plus, she got the support in marketing as well in the form of marketing collaterals, search engine optimised micro-site, and various social media marketing initiatives.

Results -

"After knowing the solutions they are providing as educational partners, I shifted my idea of associating with them. ILC, or Integrated Learning Centre, where they offer preschool solutions, International Montessori teacher training courses, and also after-school programs; it is best to have these three as they go hand in hand and will be very cost-effective in the long run." - Ms Jane Martina, Chinchilla International Preschool.

Ms Jane Martina was convinced that going with a regular preschool franchise will mean working for them where they will be giving directions and she will be implementing it with no scope of freedom.

Thus, after the groundwork of 18 months, she decided to go with the ILC model of Teeny Beans.

During the pandemic itself, she started her online mode of Montessori teacher training as suggested by Teeny Beans. And when many institutes were shutting down, she managed to get 7-8 students in the initial phase itself.

Today, Chinchilla International Preschool is one of the most preferred preschools in the city as it also provides after school activities for the holistic development of the students.

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