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A perfect solution for any scale of investment

The Brief -

Based in Kathmandu, Mr. Nirmal Singh has been in the profession of education for the last 13 years. His teaching journey began while working for his uncle’s school which gave him the confidence to open his own preschool.

In his words - “ After being involved in this sector for so long, I thought, 'why can't I operate a preschool?"

Thus, leaving the comfort of Kathmandu, he decided to follow his true calling. He wanted to open a preschool with a progressive curriculum and a brand name of his choice. He knew that this will come with heavy investments but will be worth it. However, he was well aware that it cannot be achieved overnight. And the journey to opening a preschool began.

The Challenges -

“I spent nearly 4 years searching for locations and talking to teams. Location is a must. I studied the number of schools around and found that no school is based on a progressive curriculum” - Mr Nirmal Singh, Dakshya International Preschool.

Opening a preschool came with its own share of challenges for Mr. Singh. Some of it can be summarised as under -

  1. First and foremost, the location of the preschool was an area of concern. According to him, it would be the major factor that will decide whether the preschool will succeed or not.
  2. Secondly, he was ready to invest a large amount of money in opening a preschool but not in the favour of paying the franchise fee and royalty cost.
  3. Additionally, he was looking for a preschool solution where he can use a brand name of his own choice as he was already operating a high school and wanted to continue with the same brand name for the preschool.
  4. Moreover, his aim was to open a progressive preschool with a curriculum that is meticulously designed.

The Approach -

“The first thing that attracted me was the EYFS curriculum and the other majors were No Royalty. I thought this is the preschool that I would like to set up. That’s how I came across Teeny Beans.”- Mr Nirmal Singh, Dakshya International Preschool.

  1. The EYFS curriculum provided by Teeny Beans formed the deciding factor in selecting the location of the preschool. The selected location was an emerging city and centre of 9 districts where there were no preschools with a progressive curriculum.
  2. “As many other preschool service providers do not give us an opportunity to create our own brand, Teeny Beans does. Teeny Beans is a non franchise preschool solution that’s one reason behind its selection.” - Mr Nirmal Singh, Dakshya International Preschool.

  3. Teeny Beans offers a non franchise and zero royalty based holistic solution. Thus there was no need to pay the franchise fee and royalty cost. Moreover, with Teeny Beans, the partners have the flexibility to open their own preschool with their own brand name.
  4. Teeny Beans also provided marketing solutions in the form of local marketing as well as creating an online presence on various platforms which helped in driving admissions. Assistance was also offered with the initial set-up of preschool infrastructure and equipments. This is what makes Teeny Beans a perfect solution for any scale of investment.

Results -

Mr Singh was convinced that selecting a perfect preschool solution can make or break his dream of opening a progressive preschool with a brand name of his choice.

Thus, Dakshya International Preschool came into existence partnering with Teeny Beans.

It is now aiming to open multiple centres across Nepal in partnership with Teeny Beans. Plus, it also wants to add more classes concerning higher education to the existing setup.

Today, Dakshya International Preschool is one of the top preschools in the city with around 100 students.

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