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Teeny Beans international preschool curriculum
Teeny Beans assists the new preschools by providing them with an intricately researched and curated International Preschool Curriculum. Various aspects of our preschool curriculum enjoy international validation since it is drafted within the guidelines set by international curriculum experts and qualified early childhood practitioners.
The Preschool Syllabus aims at the holistic development of a child while keeping in view the parents’ expectations. It includes the Core Preschool Curriculum, the EYFS Curriculum, and the Augmented Curriculum.

The Core Preschool Curriculum

The Core Preschool Curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. The comprehensive development of children through games and play is the prime motive of the Core Preschool Curriculum. The EYFS Curriculum also aids the teachers in providing the correct support, provisions, and learning environment for the children.

The Core Preschool Curriculum also includes the essence of the four key EYFS Principles, which are:

EYFS Principles

A Unique Child
A Unique Child

Every child is unique, and each one responds differently to different learning methods. Importantly, every child is capable of being a strong, resilient, and capable learner with the right guidance.

A Positive Relationship
A Positive Relationship

Children should be encouraged to be strong and independent when required, forming the basis for positive relationships that they will go on to have. They should also be given the safety and security to bolster the relationships they have with those closest to them.

Enabling Environment
Enabling Environment

The environment in which a child learns should prompt and encourage good learning techniques. An enabling environment is one that caters to each individual child's needs and gives them the freedom to expand their knowledge and development.

Learning and Development
Learning | Development

By following the EYFS Seven Areas of Learning, both Prime and Specific, each child will be taught a wide range of skills to aid their physical and mental development.

EYFS Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum sets standards for the learning, development, and care of children in their initial educational years. No royalty Preschool Franchise provided EYFS Curriculum is broken down into seven Areas of Learning and Development.

It aims to provide an all-over development plan for children, pushing the core skills that will benefit their educational success in the future while also helping them become more fully-rounded and emotionally aware individuals.

The seven areas of learning and development under the EYFS Curriculum are:

EYFS Learning Circle
  • 1

    Personal, Social, and Emotional Development:

    Personal, Social, and Emotional Development focuses on children's mental and physical wellbeing. The preschool syllabus is designed in such a manner to make children work on long-term skills and awareness to build a healthy foundation they can take forward. The subject also opens children up to discuss their thoughts and feelings. This can help them to develop a sense of ownership, independence, and self-esteem.

  • 2

    Communication and Language Development

    Communication and Language encourage conversations and spoken language skills. The Preschool Curriculum underlays a strong foundation for children to be able to interact with their peers and their learning environment. There’s a lot more to language development and communication than simply 'talking’. It refers to the variety of ways that children take in information and communicate it; only a part of this is used with spoken words.

  • 3

    Physical Development

    Physical Development is vital for healthy lives as well as affecting other areas of learning. Through the EYFS Curriculum, both gross and fine motor skills are developed over the early years through activities like writing and cutting. Children having regular physical activity in their lives will promote healthy development, growth, composition, and cardiovascular fitness.

  • 4

    Literacy Development

    Literacy skills will form a strong foundation for children's school careers and are split simply into comprehension, word reading, and writing. With literacy as a part of the EYFS Curriculum’s seven areas of learning, children begin to build connections between spoken sounds and the letters in writing.

  • 5


    The mathematics area of learning focuses on simple concepts that are foundational to higher maths topics. The Preschool Curriculum includes mathematics so as to help kids with life skills such as spatial awareness, shapes and measurement, and problem-solving.

  • 6

    Understanding The World

    Understanding the World supports children's learning about the surrounding environment. In this area of learning, children explore and understand new cultures. This being a part of the preschool syllabus helps children discover similarities and differences, what they can and cannot change, and why certain things happen within the world around them. They get a lot of opportunities to experiment and investigate.

  • 7

    Expressive Arts and Design

    Expressive Arts and Design supports children's creative development and expression. It helps children create their own artwork and encourages them to value their own thoughts, opinions, and skills.


The Augmented Curriculum is designed to cater to the expectations and visions of parents for their children. The Augmented Curriculum is designed so as to make it easy for kids to learn and adapt to new skills and hone them gradually. The techniques included in the preschool curriculum are scientifically devised to fulfil key parental insights while following a multisensory approach.
The prime areas of focus are:

Teeny Beans provides an integrated Preschool Curriculum, fulfilling both the aspects of a child’s development and parents’ vision for their kids. Systematically divided and elaborated under the Core Curriculum, including the EYFS Curriculum and the Augmented Curriculum.