Differentiate Preschool Brand with Teeny Beans

Differentiate Preschool Brand with Teeny Beans

Differentiate Preschool Brand with Teeny Beans

Last Updated:- 2020-06-11

Differentiate Preschool Brand with Teeny Beans

How do we convince parents about our proposition when there are other well-known brands offering preschool services in the neighbourhood?

The Teeny Beans Solution is based on the effective implementation of several strongly differentiated propositions that places each centre of learning at a significant advantage over other preschools in the area. Some of them are –

  1. An international centre of excellence with international affiliations
  2. Augmented Programs being implemented that are borne out of strong parental insights and that is internationally validated
  3. An integrated curriculum that places complete emphasis on child development in early childhood
  4. Academics are at the heart of what we do – our teacher training institute drives home that advantage. Our institute produces teachers for other preschools and high schools.

You’ll be equipped to outshine the competition by counselling effectively on several other aspects. We have 70 hours+ individual training session with you before you even lay a single brick at your premise. It would cover everything – from curriculum to preschool design layout, etc. By the time you set up your school, you would talk the language of experts, making counselling more engaging.

Build credibility for your own brand

Teeny Beans also provides solid credibility to your institution as curriculum partners who are not just selling a solution but co-implementing it with you. Our early learning specialists are committed to helping deliver exceptional results in implementing a world-class curriculum while equipping you with necessary wherewithal to run an early childhood learning institute independently.

The presence of an international teacher training institute in the same premise automatically adds to the aura of your centre as a seat of learning. In time, the question of differentiation will not arise as it will be self-evident.

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