Digital preschool solution for preschool franchisees

Digital preschool solution for preschool franchisees

Digital preschool solution for preschool franchisees

Last Updated:- 2020-07-31

You’re about to start your online classes as mandated by your preschool franchisor. You are also mandated to collect the school’s annual fees and term fees as required to PAY OFF the franchisor’s royalties for the Academic Year 2020. Desperate and pushed to a corner due to the sudden stop in admissions and re-enrollments, as a preschool owner, you are entirely dependent on the direction of the franchisor to tide over this crisis. But do you think they have your back? Think again…

What do you think are the chances that preschool parents will pay the annual fees to you in the midst of this rampaging virus? Especially since most preschools feel that it is only fair that they charge just the monthly tuition fees from parents in times like these when in-class preschool cannot be delivered. Isn’t it simpler to collect monthly fees, ensure parents stay locked into your preschool, and then seek the yearly payment when the school reopens for in-class programs? That sounds logical to most parents. But how can you NOT follow your preschool franchisor?

Preschool Owners Case Study

We asked 100 preschool owners their experience of asking for the annual fees from their patrons and this is what we know…

  • Only 30% of the existing parents SAID they would be ok to pay the annual fees to the preschool.
  • Only 15% of the existing parents ended up paying the annual fees to continue with online classes.
  • Of the 85% of those who did not pay the annual fees, a whopping 50%-75% turned to other online solutions to keep their kids busy at home.

This means that preschool franchises in India are at a significant disadvantage with respect to enrollments in online classes when they work under the umbrella of their franchisors. They are forced to collect annual fees to offer online classes and if the parents choose not to pay it, the parents exercise their choice in choosing an online solution provider for online classes – and that can be your competing preschool from your neighborhood! If ever you needed to understand why preschool franchising is not the future for your preschool, it is troubled times like these that open your eyes. Your ability to cater to your parents is limited by the franchisors mandate which only looks at the situation with one lens alone – HOW DO I AS A FRANCHISOR COLLECT MY YEARLY ROYALTIES FROM THE FRANCHISEE? That’s it!

The best time to chart an independent course to run your own preschool is NOW! Teeny Beans is offering an amazing opportunity to all preschool franchisees to STAND UP and SAY NO to their franchisors with confidence! We are equipping preschool franchisees with our proprietary curriculum and technology support through SPARSH – preschool parent APP to safely navigate this crisis at hand FOR FREE!

Call us today to learn how.

Remember, Teeny Beans’ raison d’etre is to equip preschool franchisees to become independent and successful. The unfortunate times we live in make the purpose of our existence stronger.

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