How can branded franchise preschools start a self-branded preschool

How can branded franchise preschools start a self-branded preschool

How can branded franchise preschools start a self-branded preschool

Last Updated:- 2020-06-11

First things first - Stepping away from your franchiser is not an easy task.

You’ve been ‘conditioned’ to the harsh reality of royalties and poor service in return. You’ve probably led yourself to believe that your school’s survival is dependent on the recall of the preschool chain you have partnered. Think Again!

The incontrovertible truth is that a preschool survives and thrives almost entirely on the goodwill and good work done by the franchisee owner in his chosen location over the years. The preschool chain does help in footfalls and initial walk-in rates, however, over time the value proposition diminishes. The 3 or 5 years of your franchisee term that you invest in the preschool chain, you should’ve probably invested in creating your own brand. But then you didn’t, so this is where we become relevant.

If you’ve been running a preschool franchising with a popular brand for a couple of years, chances are that the sheen of the ‘branded’ offering has started waning you’ve started to realize how the cost to value metric is disproportionately skewed towards your disadvantage.

You would want to run your self-branded preschool but you are overwhelmed imagining the implications –

  1. How would the parents react?
  2. How would your school be differentiated?
  3. You may have run a preschool, but that doesn’t mean you are curriculum experts.
  4. Which curriculum do you follow?
  5. How do you create your own brand identity?
  6. Which books do you follow and how do you create content?

Start your own Preschool

This is where we excel! Having traversed this journey of being associated with a preschool brand to creating an everlasting brand identity and implementing a curriculum that actually works was an enlightening journey and we’d love to share with you our personal journey. Don’t hesitate to ask!

We understand that there are several ‘curriculum’ providers (and even equipment manufacturers) reaching out to existing preschools suggesting them to drop the brand they are working within favour of a curriculum they’ve put together. With due respect, there’s no service provider more capable than us who truly understand the fine line a preschool as to walk before dissociating from their existing brand. We’ve been through that ourselves and know exactly what’s in store and how to go about it.

Even if you don’t opt for the Teeny Beans solution, do talk to us to understand our journey. See how it can help you. We’d be happy to create another self-sustaining business not reliant on the franchisors as we see little value in such association in the long term for the franchisee as well as the student involved.

To know more about the specifics, do visit our website or write in to

We’d be happy to help!

Happy Schooling!

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