What’s an individual-branded preschool?

What’s an individual-branded preschool?

What’s an individual-branded preschool?

Last Updated:- 2020-07-04

What’s an individual-branded preschool?

Individual Branding - “ It is a marketing strategy of branding different institutions by different names. Such a branding strategy helps establish a unique brand identity, image and positioning for an individual institute.

It helps companies that use this strategy to target different market segments, i.e., consumer groups. So a preschool in Bannerghatta, Bangalore can use an individual branding approach to brand one’s institute as Tulip – House of Kids and run an independent and successful preschool establishment.

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So what kind of branding do preschool chains like Kidzee or Euro Kids employ when it concerns franchising?

Individual branding contrasts with umbrella branding. Umbrella branding or corporate branding is a strategy of marketing all the company’s products together.

Corporate branding includes using the same brand name and identity for its whole product range.

So Euro Kids in Pimpri, Pune branded as Euro Kids Tulips would have Euro Kids as the corporate brand and Tulips as a sub-brand.

Which of the two approaches is more relevant in the preschool space?

For starters, the majority of preschools in India are individually branded preschools. In the last decade or so, one would have seen a deluge of national & regional preschool brands flooding the market.

While a corporate branded preschool (umbrella branding) would work well in a set of markets where the target group of the consumer is in sync with the brand ethos of the corporate brand, it is impossible to create a corporate brand that cuts across the different socio-economic-demographic strata that exist even within different neighborhoods within a city, let alone different cities and different states of India.

So within the preschool space, there is more scope for individually branded preschool to thrive. And this is the norm internationally too. Thus it’s not just from a branding perspective alone. There are several other reasons why an individual branded preschool is more relevant than a corporate branded preschool. More on that in a separate post!

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