What is NEP?

The National Education Policy is an inclusive framework designed for the development of education in the country. First the change was brought up in 1968, then 1986 and now in 2020 under the leadership of prime-minister Narendra Modi.
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The National Education Policy (2020) has been approved by the cabinet and there are several changes in the framework of the education system of India, right from the preschool stage to college level.
Much priority has been given to Early Childhood Education (ECE) in NEP and on the preschool curriculum and teachers, their qualification and thorough training on the concepts of early childhood.

Key takeaways for preschool owners-

  • Preschool education(age group 3-5) will now be a part of formal schooling
  • The 3-8 year group stage will be considered the foundational stage
  • Students up till Class 5 should be provided teaching in their mother tongue or regional language.
  • The regulation of schools, both private and public and its governance will be done by an independent authority.
  • It is essential that preschools remain compliant of the changing requirements.
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The preschool curriculum as prescribed in NEP

It is required to have a curriculum implemented in your preschool that is in sync with the NEP guidelines and following the NCERT curriculum. This is where relying on Teeny Beans’ established and time-tested EYFS preschool curriculum helps!

An NCERT curriculum for pre-schoolers focusing on art, language, math, social skills, sciences,etc

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Our EYFS curriculum is totally relevant with the NEP2020 guidelines.

Preschool teachers qualification and training

  • 1

    For teachers and their qualification, a comprehensive National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE) 2021, will be put together by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

  • 2

    Anganwadi workers/teachers with 10+2 qualification or certification will go through a 6-month certificate programme in ECE.

  • 3

    Teachers with qualifications lower than those will be going through a one-year diploma programme on ECE

  • 4

    By year 2030, teachers will need a 4-year integrated B.Ed. degree as the minimum qualification requirement.

  • 5

    There are also directions for teachers to have minimum of 50 hours continuous professional development (CPD) each year.

Teeny Beans enjoys the unique distinction of being part of an organizational set-up with professional teacher training organizations like Atheneum Global Teacher Training College and International Institute Of Montessori Teacher Training. This organizational linkage allows for strong teacher capability development competence that is unparalleled in the early childhood education industry in India. It allows partners of Teeny Beans with the unhindered access to teacher training programs for certification as well as continuous professional development (CPD).

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Worried about National Education Policy 2020?

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Quality Infrastructure a must

Every partner of Teeny Beans gets access to complete consultancy services to help set up their preschool in alignment with NEP’s stated requirements.

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Holistic education is our priority-

At Teeny Beans we support the changes presented by the NEP2020 and have always worked towards ensuring quality early childhood education is provided by all our partners.

We are a non-franchise solution to your preschool where with our guidance we will help you with the resources and assist you with your preschool investments.

Our solution? an ILC center:

Our Integrated Learning Centres (ILC) would be the perfect solution to ensure that you abide by the guidelines of NEP for both effective curriculum and teacher training

ILC and its benefits

With our ILC centres where preschool owners get the opportunity of setting up a preschool and a teacher training centre at the very same location.

  • You will be training your teachers with AV material already prepared by Teeny Beans that has complete concepts and teaching strategies on early childhood education and changes and updates as per NEP.
  • This will make sure all your teachers are on the same page when it comes to the teaching methodology being used in your preschool.
  • With ILC you are investing not just in a preschool but also a teacher training centre all at the same location. This makes the whole business setup more convenient, profitable and efficient.
  • Owning and running a preschool requires dedication above all to ensure that you provide quality education via quality materials, equipment and infrastructure for young learners. You cannot go easy on any aspect whether it’s the curriculum or the teacher training, material for teaching, etc.
  • Which is why partnering with a preschool brand that has complete knowledge of the guidelines by NEP is crucial. Not abiding by the NEP guidelines is not an option anymore!
  • With Teeny Beans you can rest assured as well help you out right from setting up an effective business model to ensuring your whole set up is as per the National Education Policy and then marketing is well strategically, both online and offline.