Non Franchise Preschool - Partner with TeenyBeans

Non Franchise Preschool - Partner with TeenyBeans

Non Franchise Preschool - Partner with TeenyBeans

Last Updated:- 2020-06-11

The most common refrain from all preschool franchisers is usually to go to great lengths to explain how they view franchisee businesses as partnerships and not anything else. The problem is that with any royalty based support structure, partnership is just lip-service, nothing more! That's why we bring on table - Non franchise preschool model

So how is our Non-Franchise Preschool solution different from others?

For starters, no discussion post set up is ever going to be about commercials or royalties. It's only going to be about the curriculum, the delivery, training, recruitment, parental concerns, etc. These are things that assume only peripheral significance for any preschool franchisor. This would resonate strongly with existing preschool franchise owners as they’d know exactly what we mean!

No Royalty Preschool

We offer a one-time investment with zero royalties and commissions. We co-implement the curriculum with you and co-administer the ILC along with you forever. All the while, the attempt would be to make your brand resonate among your local community through strong marketing and rigorous implementation of a fantastic curriculum. We do charge for our services from second year. But these charges are both nominal and optional – meaning that you pay for the value that you see or you don't! There’s no royalty associated with this. It’s a term we loathe.

Low Investment Preschool

This is what one expects from a partnership. You contribute, you earn. We set exceptionally high standards for ourselves and believe honestly that we can deliver service that you’d happily pay for. That’s the bedrock for the kind of partnership that WE KNOW will last! It will keep our team on its toes to provide service to you and will align you to deliver a world-class curriculum at your ILC.

I would encourage you to read a little bit more on why we genuinely feel that franchising, which although is an amazing business growth strategy for many different businesses, for the education industry and specifically pre-schooling segment, it is the wrong strategy for the long term. No wonder, there are so many fly by night preschool franchisers operating today with the focus squarely on selling solutions is disappearing!

More on this on our blog article which was written a long time back reproduced on the teeny beans forum more recently.

That's it from me for now. Happy schooling!

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