Wondering how your child’s preschool education can continue without compromising on their safety?!, Worried how Covid-19 can wipe out an entire year of preschool education for your child?, Disappointed with how online preschool classes is shaping up with your child’s existing preschool?

Teeny Beans @ Home is the perfect solution for you!

SO much more than just online preschool classes. Digital Curriculum supported by a parent APP Sparsh, daily printables, Interactive games through Interakto, our game-based learning APP and online classes on Zoom.

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About Us

Teeny Beans is the preschool education vertical of Beanstalkedu, an educational management company that is present across 3 continents specializing in various facets of early childhood education. Most notably, we are an internationally recognized teacher training organization with training centres in UK, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kenya and India. We care deeply about all things related to early childhood education and are proud of our deep seated expertise as international educators for preschool aged children.

Online Preschool Classes

How does it work?


The SPARSH App helps parents follow the daily international preschool curriculum by providing the entire content at their fingertips

1 Content Book

The Teeny Beans content book is a rich digital repository of preschool curriculum concepts and preschool games and exercises for pre K that are age appropriate and strongly linked to the celebrated EYFS framework and hence follows the highest standards of education for a fully digital online preschool curriculum. The free preschool curriculum available on Sparsh for our subscribing parents is the first of its kind EYFS preschool curriculum available or parents to be aligned to the preschool curriculum framework.

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2 Workbook

The Teeny Beans International Preschool Curriculum has an extensive library of worksheets linked to the EYFS framework and developmental milestones in early years. Through the SPARSH APP, parents subscribing to the online preschool class solution get access to free preschool and kindergarten worksheets for an entire year! That’s thousands of pages of specially curated preschool content made available to parents as preschool curriculum printables.

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3 Audio Visual Curriculum

The Audio Visual Preschool Curriculum content is made available through our parents app, SPARSH. Every preschool day has a specific purpose when it concerns early learning concepts introduced or reinforced. Through SPARSH app, every days preschool content along with an audio visual library is made available to parents to reinforce the learning for kids at home.

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4 Teachers Demo

Teachers demo video is made available to parents on the APP to ensure parents are completely aware how concepts are to be introduced to children and how concepts are reinforced to ensure adequate appreciation.

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5 Free Preschool Lesson Plans

The Teeny Beans preschool curriculum is segmented into a monthly plan, weekly plan and a daily lesson plan. These free preschool lesson plans are also accessible to parents to have a birds eye view of the extremely well structured online preschool curriculum of Teeny Beans.

The daily lesson plans have been specially curated for parents to have access to over 3 hrs of daily learning for preschool kids. The daily lesson plans are a detailed outline for the contents, plan and execution for a 3 hour preschool class. It is an immensely beneficial repository for parents to plan their involvement with their kids learning depending on the time they can devote on a daily basis. Our online preschool classes follow the same daily plan and it becomes easy to correlate the preschool lessons with the outcome basis the daily preschool daily planner.

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Interakto is an interactive knowledge building game for preschool aged children. It adopts a multi-sensory approach to systematically build the numeracy, literacy and cognitive ability for kids aged 2-5 years.

The game is played at two levels.

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Use your child's time at home more productively. Subscribe to The Teeny Beans Preschool @ Home solution. Limited seats available!

Online Preschool Classes

Teeny Bean’s trained early childhood educators spend an hour every weekday conducting age-graded online group classes for kids. These sessions drawing reference to preschool lesson plans on SPARSH – the parent app, follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum guidance. The classes are extremely interactive and helps children socialize in a peer group that is so vital for their development in early childhood. We’ve been seeing excellent results and are proud of what our little learners are achieving every day.

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1. What are the timings for online preschool classes?

We have convenient timeslots for our parents between 930 am to 1pm and again from 5pm to 7pm.

2. How much do you charge?

We charge for our services and products as a package. Parents enrolling pay a flat charge of Rs 2000 pre month. Parents get access to our online classes, our proprietary curriculum access through SPARSH-the parent app and also Interakto, our interactive curriculum app for kids.

3. What curriculum do you follow?

Teeny beans follows the celebrated Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum framework in implementing a thematic curriculum that incorporates global best practices in early childhood development.

4. Who are the trainers?

We are an international teacher training organization and have expertise in the domain of teacher training. All our teachers are trained in early childhood education by way of Certifications, Bachelors or Masters Qualifications.

5. How long are the sessions?

The online classes are for 1 yr everyday although the preschool activities elaborated upon in SPARSH – the parents app can occupy kids for 2-3 hours everyday under adult supervision.

6. Do you provide worksheets for printing?

SPARSH provides access to our entire e-curriculum including our workbooks. Daily worksheets can be printed out by parents through the app and used as printables. This is in addition to all the other e-access given to our curriculum including interakto’s interactive play curriculum.

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Use your child's time at home more productively. Subscribe to The Teeny Beans Preschool @ Home solution. Limited seats available!