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Play school franchise Low investment

Investing in a pre-school franchise was one of the most engaging businesses in India for small and medium-sized business owners who were exploring new business ideas. For parents, in the early phases of child development, the growing desire to give children the best opportunities to learn and develop has led to the opening of a number of children centered franchise opportunities for expansion in the Indian business landscape.

In India, education is one of the most profitable businesses with a wide variety of options when it comes to preschooling. This space has seen investments ranging from a lac to half a crore for small to big pre-school franchising. In the last decade, this segment has not seen any kind of slowing down.
Persons with a strong interest in the education sector should look at opportunities to invest in towns such as Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi (Delhi), Mumbai, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad or Kolkata as this is where top play school franchisors are based catering to the education and training needs of preschool franchisees.

If you think you have the business acumen and skills to succeed as an entrepreneur in the preschool segment in India, shout out to Teeny Beans and start your own branded preschool.

No Royalty preschool Franchise

With Teeny Beans, we pride ourselves in declaring that there is never a commercial discussion with partners. All year round, our ILC Managers are designated to only discuss education, curriculum implementation, preparation, recruitments, parenting concerns, etc. These are issues that have only marginal value for every franchisor in the pre-school industry in India. For existing preschool owners, we know that this point resonates strongly as there is no royalty and franchisor like a discussion in the operations of the preschool.

We offer a good one-time affordable investment option without any royalty or commissions. We work along with you and co-manage the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) –indefinitely. We partner with you. The whole time is to try, by way of strong marketing and robust execution of a brilliant program, to get the brand echo strongly with your local community.
Open play school without royalty

Teeny Beans play school franchise benefits:

  • No Franchise fee.
  • No Royalty fee.
  • An internationally renowned preschool chain.
  • British Curriculum, implemented in international preschools.
  • Administration assistance with pre-designed procedures and operating manuals.
  • Technical support at competitive prices for the network.
  • Preschool inputs: Curriculum, prospectus, educational materials, books, etc;
  • Play school franchise with Low investment.
  • Standard international learning, at affordable charges.
  • A dedicated webpage displaying your school and contact information.
  • Digital marketing support to create your brand identity.
  • Continuous advice to overcome the day-to-day challenges and infrastructure improvement ideas.
  • Technological support systems for partner center management
  • Technology for curriculum delivery including parent apps and full-fledged school administration system.

Preschool without Franchise Fee and Royalty Fee

We are looking for partners who are willing and prepared to enter into mutually advantageous relationships in order to take ownership of a preschool franchise center and grow with us. Established training centers/coaching institutes / educational institutions will work well with us and contribute to growing the Teeny Beans family. Existing preschools can also get a FREE curriculum up-gradation from us. Contact us to know more about this.

What Training does Teeny Beans provide?

Training is a continuous process. This is why we are the only solution provider in this space that does not sever ties post-sign up. In fact, our engagement increases manifold once your school is up and running as we depend on admissions that we’re able to drive to your center for both goodwills as well as business for us. Following are the touchpoints for training -

  • We provide a 3-day in-person intensive training in Kolkata in our model play school Beanstalk International Preschool.
  • Preschool owners will also have skype training sessions with our resident experts to understand business basics in establishing a successful ILC (Integrated Learning Centre).
  • We also have an e-learning module on the various aspects of the preschool set up and curriculum training that augments one's understanding.
  • Every new teacher or coordinator joining the preschool goes through the same e-learning module on curriculum training.

What services do you provide to me if I want to start a preschool?

Why just open a preschool when you can open a preschool, a teacher training institute and a kid’s activity center as an integrated learning center?

Our basket of services helps you to not just start an integrated learning center but to successfully run it. While we have a more detailed break up of our services under the section on Our Services, briefly summarizing it here -

    Training Program on Understanding the Business, Training on Financial Planning and Overhead Control & an in-depth Curriculum Training for ILC owner as well as all teaching staff.
    Site Selection, School Layout Designing, Learning Materials, Creating a Brand Identity for an individually branded preschool (both Offline & Digital) and finally Recruitments.
    Administrative Support, Curriculum Implementation, Technical Support, Marketing Support through Digital Fortification and Enquiry Handling, Parent Engagements like post-admission counseling and PTM feedback.

What marketing activities would be undertaken by Teeny Beans?

All our efforts are around making you an independent edupreneur and your integrated learning centre a seat of learning acknowledged by your local community. We set up a search engine optimized micro-site for you and undertake various digital marketing and social media marketing activities and train you in sustaining these activities.

There are several off-site seminars and presentations that an ILC can do to market their institute better. Teeny Beans provides very high-quality marketing collaterals, presentations and individual branded videos that make these engagements synchronous to the high value associated with a Teeny Beans brand.

What is the kind of area required to start a preschool?

While there are international stipulations valid for early learning centres in the developed world, there are no specific standards that are spelled out as a mandate in India. As a ballpark figure, anywhere upwards of 1200 sq feet carpet area is a good starting point. The school's layout can be designed with ease with such space being available. Preferably one should have between 250-400 sq feet of the open play area in the premise. Equally preferably, it should be a ground floor property.

Of course, the normal shifts radically when we discuss highly congested cities and expensive real estate. Do discuss with our experts on this matter before you sign up on a property for opening a new school.

What is the investment needed to start a preschool?

We have two standard products -

PRIMERO - Spanish for "first". It's exactly that. A solution for newbies in the industry. It entails the implementation of the preschool curriculum for Playgroup and International Kindergarten. Recommended for the cautious and eternal perfectionist perfect Primero before you move to the rest.

MEGA -MEGA, is the bouquet of programs that you are looking for if you already run a preschool and wish to upgrade your school to an ILC following the teeny beans model. We implement our preschool product for all age groups together and follow it up with a teacher training institute and an afterschool centre.

Do get in touch with us to understand not just the cost structure but the financial modeling for both the options.

Advantages of Teeny Beans Franchise

  • Teeny Beans is India's only company that provides a credible alternative to a play school franchise without any franchise fee.
  • Royalty-free Business Opportunity (Teeny Beans is India's only company that offers a credible alternative to a preschool franchise without any royalty fee).
  • The full school setup will be provided by us with all the equipment according to the budget of the client.
  • ROI within 12-16 months. Low Investment play school franchise with High Returns.
  • Full Support to establish your brand.
  • Managed by experienced professionals.
  • Dedicated Online Enquiry Management Portal.
  • Teeny Beans is the only company in India that offers the EYFS Curriculum.