Purpose of a Preschool

Purpose of a Preschool

Purpose of a Preschool

Last Updated:- 2020-06-11

When parents think about putting their child in preschool education, they suffer from a lot of fear and apprehensions about what will be the infrastructure of the preschool, whether they will foster a caring and safe environment and whether the preschool meets the goals of early childhood learning. Within all these assumptions and concerns, it can be declared that preschool education can only produce profitable outcomes in the early years of a child.  

If you home school your kid in his early years that might make him academically sound but his emotional and social skills will not improve.

Some points are listed below that throw light upon the various reasons as to why you should send your child to a preschool in his/her early years of development:

1. A preschool supplies the child with organized surroundings where they learn discipline, patience, and perseverance. Here they learn to share and to care for other children. They learn to manage themselves and also take care of others. This is a very important aspect of development because if these kids don’t learn to mingle with other children and be empathetic towards them, they will not be able to handle relationships in the future and would turn out to be individuals devoid of emotions.

2. Preschool education is the stepping stone for a child to move further towards primary education. Here the children gain knowledge about the 3 prime areas of development:

  • Language and communication skills
  • Physical development
  • Personal, emotional and social development

As per the EYFS curriculum, UK (which is followed in many preschools all around the world), the above 3 major areas of development lead to 4 specific areas of learning, namely:

  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics and logical reasoning
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

When a child masters adequate skills in these areas, he/she becomes capable of stepping into the world of primary education.

3. Preschool is the apt place for the curious minds i.e. our children, who never get tired asking several questions on all possible things they see, hear and feel. They have their curiosity resolved by playing and exploring in the preschool environment under the profound guidance of the teachers. It is here that they learn to think critically as to why and how certain events take place.

4. A playschool is the seat of academic learning as well, where a child develops pre-conceptual ideas about alphabets and numbers.

5. A preschool helps a child recognize and enhance his/her creative skills. A child gets an opportunity to enter into the world of colors and get assimilate its varied existence. Children simply love to color, play with them, mix them and do all sorts of experimental activities. No other place can be better than a preschool to nurture the imagination and creative power of a child.

A preschool is the place for a child to create new relationships and learn to manage existing ones. The child is the focal point and all activities and events focus only on his/her natural evolution.

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