How to run a successful Preschool?

How to run a successful Preschool?

How to run a successful Preschool?

Last Updated:- 2020-06-11

The million-dollar question has been asked!

There is no direct way to answer this but in short, it depends!

Another way to answer the question is with a question –

Can a corporate branded preschool run successfully?

If you forget what form of branding a preschool has settled for and simply concentrate on the factors for success, you’d be able to pen the following winning formula for a preschool that is operating successfully-

  1. Has a great child-friendly infrastructure in place
  2. Has a great curriculum that’s aligned to achieving early childhood developmental milestones
  3. Implements a strict quality adherence framework to ensure delivery of a great curriculum
  4. Has all necessary learning aids and equipment necessary for the delivery of lesson plans
  5. Has a great motivated team
  6. Has a super-duper customer-centric approach.
  7. Works hand in hand with local communities to build the credibility of the institute

What a corporate branded preschool does well is that it provides a structure for a newbie entering the preschool industry. However,

It is the execution capability of the newbie that will determine the success or failure of the preschool (forget the form of branding). And it is here that corporate branded preschool solutions fall short!

Despite execution capability being the lead determinant for success, there is hardly any commensurate time spent in capability development by preschool chains, to begin with, or in running of the preschool.

So what is Teeny Beans’ proposed solution?

At Teeny Beans, we help co-create individually branded preschools & early childhood learning centres of excellence.

What sets us apart from any other solution provider is the fact that our solution equips individuals to set up AND operate a highly diversified business with multiple value streams, a solution which we call – integrated learning centre.

Specifically, an integrated learning centre is characterized by –

  1. An international preschool
  2. An international teacher training institute
  3. A kid's after-school activity centre

Our solution is a holistic business solution for our partners and not a piecemeal solution. And most importantly our solution is a non-franchise zero royalty model – the only model we believe is relevant in the preschool space.

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