Born to Blossom International Preschool

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One of the finest preschools suitable for ideal development in children, Born to Blossom International Preschool is formed with the vision of instilling love for education in toddlers and contribute in their holistic development with the use of playful learning approach to fill children with confidence and provide a solid foundation.

About Us

About Us

Born to Blossom International Preschool has been established to create an encouraging preschool era for children where they are nourished, loved and given the accurate teaching to love the concept of learning.

We have appropriately chosen the right methodology to teach children and build their problem solving skills along with contributing in all other development needs. We seek to establish a form of education where children appreciate education and its process. This is done through our efficient strategies and staff. Our values include -

1. Efficacious and Amiable Staff

2. Welcoming Environment

3. Focus on Overall Development Needs

Mrs. Safia Farheen

Founder and Director

Preschool Franchise

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum constitutes the following:

The Core Curriculum -

Our preschool follows the EYFS British Curriculum to satisfy all growth needs of children and provide high quality learning.

The Augmented Curriculum -

We also focus on areas significant to parents and their concerns. The contents of Augmented curriculum are not included in the Core Curriculum.

Preschool Franchise


Preschool should be both comfortable and fundamental in a child’s life. A joyous environment always welcomes a child for better growth.



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Plot No 196 & 197 part.Survey No:212/1/A/2,New Green city Balapur(500005), R.R district, Telangana.

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