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One of the top preschools in Dhangadhi is Dakshya International Preschools. We believe that children are a crucial aspect of the human system, consequently, we have employed integrated teaching strategies to get the most out of our kids.

About Us

About Us

Stability is vital, in our opinion, at Dakshya International Preschool. And for this reason, alongside establishing a healthy classroom atmosphere, we unceasingly work to make early childhood education increasingly interactive and fun. We see it as our responsibility as a reputable Dhangadhi preschool to raise the next generation of responsible adults. Therefore, it is crucial to look after a child's needs and education in order to ensure their complete development.

We have developed the greatest curriculum, location, cost structure, services, and much more as a result of in-depth research and preparation.

Remy Sharp
Nirmal Singh

Founder and Director

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Our Curriculum

The child-centered teaching strategy that we follow is :

The Core Curriculum -

It is built upon the British EYFS framework that emphasizes children's communication abilities together with their intellectual, personal, emotional, and social progress.

The Augmented Curriculum -

Considering the concerns of parents, we have broadened the lesson plan to include all of the elements that are significant from a parent's point of view.

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For the first time during their life, kids are taken out of their parents' cozy and secure environment. Ultimately, it must be a location that serves as the child's safe place.



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Taranagar – 5, Dhangadhi, kailali 10900, Nepal

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