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At Knowledge Home, we hold a profound educational philosophy that revolves around the boundless curiosity inherent in every child. We firmly believe in the child's innate ability for intricate thinking and their remarkable capacity for forging connections that span the spectrum of knowledge. For parents looking for a top-notch preschool in Tripura with highly skilled instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and a strong dedication to nurturing holistic development, Knowledge Home International Preschool is the best option.

About Us

About Us

At Knowledge Home, we're committed to a dynamic learning style that emphasizes the active nature of learning above the passive transfer of information. We want kids to take an active role in their own education, which is why we provide a variety of self-expression opportunities. We place a strong emphasis on fostering critical traits like grit, empathy, teamwork, and a growth mindset from an early age, guided by techniques in early education that are recognized as the best in the world.

As the top preschool in Tripura, we take pride in having one of the top teaching staffs. Our knowledge is built on the extensive training and experience of our educators. By integrating state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we create a vivid and engaging learning environment.

Our passionate, dedicated teachers provide individualized care, building a solid foundation for each child's future. At Knowledge Home, we nurture potential in addition to just spreading knowledge.

Knowledge Home Nursery School's founder, Mrs. Pampa Nag Bhattacharjee, started her teaching career at the school after receiving her Bachelor of Arts from MBB University. In Dhaleshwar, Agartala, Tripura, her commitment gave birth to Knowledge Home International Preschool, which is really remarkable.

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Mrs. Pampa Nag Bhattacharjee

Founder and Director

Our mission

  • Nurturing happy individuals is our unwavering commitment at Knowledge Home.

  • Through a comprehensive, holistic curriculum, we are committed to encouraging children's growth in their minds, bodies, and souls.

  • Our curriculum is designed to challenge and elevate all facets of a child's development.

  • Our educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that children are naturally curious, possess complex thinking abilities, and thrive in making connections.

Our vision

In order to revolutionize education, Knowledge Home fosters young minds that are engaged, inquisitive, and capable. In this future, children will not only be active creators of knowledge but also learners who go beyond the limitations of pre-packaged material. Every child's potential should be developed in the educational setting we try to establish, and their desire for knowledge should be fulfilled by a variety of possibilities for discovery and self-expression.

Preschool Franchise

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum includes the following:

The Core Curriculum -

Following the recognized British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum, we provide a great education that is essential for total development.

The Augmented Curriculum -

The enhanced curriculum addresses the needs and priorities of parents while including necessary components that go above and beyond the basic curriculum to support the overall development of children.

Preschool Franchise


In this initial activity, children experience their first step away from the familiar embrace of their parents, making it essential for the environment to become a comforting extension of their home.



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Jail Ashram Road, Agartala, Tripura West, 799007 (Landmark Mangalik Wedding Hall)

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