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Little Munchkins,the premier daycare centre offering the best childcare services for children in Kharadi, Pune. We understand the importance of providing the little ones with an environment that fosters exciting and imaginative care.Little Munchkins is designed to cater to the unique needs of each child, providing a safe and loving space for them to play, learn, and interact with others. With a team of highly qualified and experienced caregivers, we ensure that your child receives the utmost care and attention throughout their time with us.

About Us

About Us

At 'Little Munchkins,' our journey began with a clear purpose – to provide our children with an exciting and imaginative childcare experience in an environment that offers abundant opportunities for play, interaction, and personal development, all at their own pace and within their own space.

Our mission is to improve the lives of working families, and we achieve this by offering high-quality, flexible childcare services, innovative early learning programs, and fostering a sense of community and support for our families.

With our individual-focused and tailored approach to care, we ensure that your child receives the best possible attention from people you trust. At 'Little Munchkins,' we lay the foundation for a promising start in life for each child in our care.

Remy Sharp
Mrs. Radhika Koutha

Co-founder & Director

Remy Sharp
Mrs. Deepti Kamtikar

Co-founder & Director

Our mission

  • We strive to create a nurturing and enriching environment where every child feels safe, valued, and supported throughout their early years.

  • We believe in the power of individualized care, taking the time to understand each child's unique strengths, interests, and learning styles, and tailoring our approach to meet their specific needs.

  • We foster a strong sense of community among families and caregivers, creating a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels supported, valued, and heard.

Our vision

Our vision at 'Little Munchkins' is to create a nurturing environment where children flourish through play and personal growth. We provide exceptional child care services, innovative learning programs, and foster a strong sense of community and support for families. Our individual-centered approach ensures each child receives personalized attention from trusted caregivers, promoting their well-being and development. We aim to be a trusted partner for families, nurturing potential and fostering a sense of belonging for all.


a. Quality Care and Trust b. Lifelong Learning c. Integrity

d. Respect e. Commitment

Preschool Franchise

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum includes the following:

The Core Curriculum -

We provide a high-quality education program that is essential for holistic development, based on the well-regarded British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum.

The Augmented Curriculum -

Our enriched curriculum goes beyond the core essentials, addressing the concerns and priorities of parents while catering to the holistic development of children.

Preschool Franchise


This is the first exercise in which children are isolated from the warmth and safe environment of their parents. It must therefore be a place that is the second home of the child.



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Office No. 806 & 807, 8th Floor, Geras Imperium Alpha, Grant Road, Kharadi, Pune-411014.

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