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At Open Minds The Global Preschool, we believe that every child is unique individual with boundless potential and endless curiosity . Our Preschool provides a safe , nurturing , and stimulating environment where young learners can explore , discover and grow . We focus on fostering a love for learning ,promoting social-emotional skills, and activity.

About Us

About Us

At Open Minds The Global Preschool, we believe in the power of play based learning , where education becomes an exciting adventure . We empower children to believe in themselves , building the self assurance needed to face challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Our dedicated team of experienced educators is committed to providing a holistic learning experience that lays a strong foundation for future academic and personal success.

Our Preschool boasts well -equipped classrooms, age-appropriate learning materials , and spacious play areas . We maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety , ensuring that children can freely engage in their activities while parents have peace of mind.

Dr. N K Saksena is committed to ensuring that every child receives personalized attention ,tailored educational programs . He has conducted several research studies in the area of positive parenting and Positive Schooling.

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Dr. N K Saksena

Founder and Director

Our mission

  • To impart quality preschool education of global standards.

  • To develop the toddlers into responsible successful citizens of the future with positive mindset.

  • Through our dedicated efforts we strive to play a pivotal role in shaping the bright and promising futures of our students.

  • We aim to support children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth during their early childhood.

Our vision

Our Vision is to inculcate Hope & Optimism, Gratitude, Resilience, Courage, Confidence , Creative and analytical thinking, good communication skills among the preschool children for their bright future. Our aim is to be a leading Early Childhood Education Preschool that sets the standard for excellence and innovation .We aim to foster a strong sense of community and collaboration among our students, parents, teachers, and staff.

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum includes the following:

The Core Curriculum

We provide an exceptional education that is needed for whole-child development by adhering to the acknowledged British EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum.

The Augmented Curriculum

The extended curriculum accommodates parents' needs and priorities while also incorporating required components that go above and beyond the core curriculum to assist children's entire development.

Preschool Franchise


During this initial activity, children embark on their first journey away from the comforting presence of their parents, underscoring the importance of the environment transforming into a reassuring extension of their home.



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3, Gopala Apartment, 30A, Vikas Nagar, Lakhanpur, Kanpur 208024.

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