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We place a strong emphasis on the child's overall growth as one of Telangana's finest preschools. A "play and learn" philosophy is something we support because it is vital for effective learning results. And therefore, in order to foster the children's physical, mental, social, and emotional development, we offer an organized and educational learning environment.

About Us

About Us

The love and enthusiasm for teaching children and enhancing their lives led to the creation of the British Creek Early Learning Center & Day Care. We make sure that the kid flourishes and develops in all areas of development with the aid of our extensive curriculum.

A famous IB school has employed Jayanthi Singh for ten years as a leader and she holds a master's degree in science. She has also completed Child Safety Courses for CIS and has International Baccalaureate (Academic and Marketing) training.

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Jayanthi Singh

Founder and Director

Our mission

  • To encourage a child's overall development, with a focus on their social, intellectual, and physical development.

  • To approach each child as an individual, comprehend and cater to their needs, and develop in them a love of learning.

  • To be aware of and collaborate with the parent community on their child's educational needs.

Our vision

All of the children at The British Creek receive the finest possible start in life because of the supportive learning environment we provide. Children can grow up happy, safe, and encouraged there while developing their creativity, curiosity, and independence. In order to provide kids with the intellectual, social, and physical abilities they need to thrive in life, we work to foster in them a lifelong love of learning.

Preschool Franchise

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is made up of:

The Core Curriculum -

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which was borrowed from the British curriculum and places an emphasis on communication skills as well as emotional, physical, personal, and social development.

The Augmented Curriculum -

In addition to the essential fields of growth covered by the core curriculum, families have specific expectations for the child's education. We work to meet these demands with our expanded curriculum.

Preschool Franchise


This is the first exercise in which children are isolated from the warmth and safe environment of their parents. It must therefore be a place that is the second home of the child.



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