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Located in Manipur, Tunnu Academy is one of the finest preschools that aims to provide a healthy and appropriate environment for early childhood education. The institution delivers high value education and focuses on their development intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally while nurturing them.

About Us

About Us

Our motive is to establish a sound base among children to help them live a standard life in future through their tablets and skills.

We consider and reconsider every innovative strategy before applying it to children. We seek to establish high standards of preschool education and bring value to children together with an attempt to make learning fun for them. Our values include -

1. Careful and Professional Staff

2. Healthy and Sanitized Atmosphere

3. Innovative Ways of Learning

Dr. Siambiakmawi Guite


Preschool Franchise

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is inclusive of -

The Core Curriculum -

Our preschool follows the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) British Curriculum to deliver high standard education focussed on all aspects of development.

The Augmented Curriculum -

Our Augmented Curriculum includes topics, exclusive of the core curriculum. Such topics concern the needs of children and parents as per the development aspects.

Preschool Franchise


Preschool needs to be comfortable and a second home for children. Tunnu Academy makes it easier for children to adapt to the learning environment.



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Vengnuam, New Lamka, Churachandpur, Manipur - 795006

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